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115 Watt E39 LED Corn Bulb -14,900 Lumen - 5000K - Replacement for 400watt Metal Halide

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ONE DIRECTION IS MORE EFFICIENT- If your fixture only projects light in one direction, why waste energy sending light where you don t use it? You can often use 20-30% less watts with a 180 degree bulb compared to a 360 bulb. The 115 watt is a great upgrade to a 400 watt Metal Halide or HPS bulb. Rotatable base allows you to aim the light where you need it.
BRIGHT LIGHT - 115 Watt has up to 14,900 Lumens and can used in parking lot lights, street lights, wall packs or more to replace 400 watt HPS/HID/ Metal HALIDE lights, 800W incandescent or 300W CFL. 4000K light color for natural white light

PRICE: $108.99