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Sofa Artificial Leather Fabric

Haining Jifang Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

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Our cooperative customers include ZARA, HM, ONIY, MANGO, LIWEISHI, LPP, TOMMY GUESS, Lexus, Mark Wafer, British MS, Russian LIME, French CAMAIEU, etc. The development of fast fashion fabrics and mid-to-high-end fabrics is the first cooperation fabric. There are more than 100 processing factories in processing factories.Haining Jifang Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the leather capital-Haining. The company and foreign trade clothing companies almost have cooperation. We can independently design and develop recycled environmentally friendly PU leather and water-based leather. At the same time, the company is professional China Artificial Leather manufacturers and OEM Artificial Leather suppliers and it has served many customers and used the product for many years.

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