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Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Water extraction Nozzle Universal 32mm – 35mm

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Universal Extraction Water Nozzle Suitable For 32mm – 35mm Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

109mm wide by 190mm length

This simple but very effective vacuum extraction nozzle works with any wet vacuum that uses 32-35mm nozzles.

rather then buying a expensive carpet extractor that can cost $300-$2000 just to clean your
car or to use in to use in your detailing business simply buy any wet vacuum of your choice to use the extractor vacuum fitting. We recommend to use 3D carpet shampoo diluted in a weed type pressure spray bottle that you can buy from Bunnings or similar stores, after you have sprayed the area you want to clean you can use the nozzle to extract the solution out. if there is a bad stain that remains we recommend going over the area again with the same solution or a stronger stain remover then using our medium drill brush or a hand held brush to agitate the area and lift the dirt, then extract the dirty fluid out. if you feel the need it is recommended to flush out the solution with fresh water to avoid the fabric going crusty or leaving soap residue which could be reactivated with wet shoes and then dirty the carpets again.

on a hot summers day seats/carpets normally take about 2-4hours to dry.

not recommended for suede/alcantara type materials as the material gets very soaked and is hard to dry. suede/alcantara is also a delicate material that is best cleaned by spraying a APC cleaner and then using a cloth to wipe it clean as you would a leather seat.