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Pet Hair upholstery Brush Soft Silicone Block

This silicone block is perfect for removing stuck in Dog/cat hair in your cars carpets and cloth seats.
simply brush the area and watch the hair get swept up!
sometimes spraying fabric softener can help loosen the hairs as well.
Material: Silicone and Plastic

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Twisted Loop Drying Towel Purple 40cmx60cm

Innovative Twisted Loop Design
extremely high levels of water absorbency

Makes the drying process quicker, and easier than ever before

safest way, scratch-free and streak-free way to dry any vehicle

Size 40cm * 60cm

GSM – 1300 gsm

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Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Water extraction Nozzle Universal 32mm – 35mm

Universal Extraction Water Nozzle Suitable For 32mm – 35mm Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

109mm wide by 190mm length

This simple but very effective vacuum extraction nozzle works with any wet vacuum that uses 32-35mm nozzles.

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