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How To Use Security Token Offering Process To Raise Funds?

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It is not a difficult task for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects in 2019. Blockchain technology has opened a world of possibilities that enable startups to secure funds faster. Through a number of fundraising techniques such as Initial Coin Offering, Initial Exchange Offering, Equity Token Offering and more, the entrepreneur is spoilt for choice. Today, in this blog, we shall look at Security Token Offering.

Security Token Offering or STO is a financial instrument that is backed by real-world assets. Moreover, unlike other blockchain-based funding models, an STO gives the holder equity in the investment. Another factor that distinguishes an STO is that regulatory bodies recognize it.

There are a number of benefits for entrepreneurs to use STOs:

These tokens comply with established regulations, thereby making them a credible investment opportunity.
This offering model is backed by real-world assets that assure the investors of their investments.
STOs are generally low-risk investments which make them attractive options for investors.

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