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Shanghai Zhuoou Construction Group Co., Ltd

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Shanghai Zhuoou Construction Group Co., Ltd. based in Shanghai, with three subsidiaries, covering a total area of 75000 square meters. Zhuoou’s products include UHPC, GRC, GRG, FRP, TCP art sculpture, terrazzo, etc. With a development principle of quality leading and innovation driven, it has developed into a professional comprehensive service provider of new materials for green building decoration.
Zhuoou focuses on the integrated services of design, R & D, production and installation of curtain wall decoration materials and sculpture works of art. It mainly serves the cultural tourism industry, municipal building, garden landscape, commercial complex, palace, quality residence, star hotel, 3D printing industry, etc. it has reached long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known real estate enterprises and cultural tourism groups.

Pipeline Maintenance Expert - Wellube

Wellube, a Unique Group company, is a leading global engineering specialist and pipeline maintenance expert operating across the global oil and gas, renewables, petrochemical and infrastructure industries.

Our services are focused on maintaining plant operability by allowing intervention work to be carried out with minimum downtime, in a safe and cost-efficient manner. We offer products that ensure reliability and enhances the integrity of client assets, hence reducing cost, environmental impact and increasing safety. With our years of experience and commitment to QHSSE, Wellube’s team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians combine their operational experience with substantial R&D to provide innovative solutions to meet our customer’s most complex challenges.

Wellube has a local presence in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, UK and the USA.

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