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DM Approval - Building and Construction License and Permits

There is no doubt that Dubai is ahead of progression because of the business opportunities that shoots its economy to the top. The engineering industry also strives to be one of the remarkable reasons for economic progress, giving world-class building settings for top-notch businesses wanting to be successful in the new land of innovation and opportunities. Thus, Dubai Municipality or DM, as one of the authorities for the city’s urbanization, regulates standards for approval, licensing, and permits.

Licenses and Permits for Food & Beverage Business in Dubai

UAE has been a destination hub for different kinds of people such as job seekers, travel and food enthusiasts, and investors from all around the world with the vision to seek, discover, and even set up businesses in the country. The food sector in Dubai offers a fusion of cuisine and a variety of food and beverage products to the multicultural population of the country.

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