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Licenses and Permits for Food & Beverage Business in Dubai

UAE has been a destination hub for different kinds of people such as job seekers, travel and food enthusiasts, and investors from all around the world with the vision to seek, discover, and even set up businesses in the country. The food sector in Dubai offers a fusion of cuisine and a variety of food and beverage products to the multicultural population of the country. To assure that the products and services under the food & beverage sector pass the business and food safety standards of the country, Dubai established various government authorities who are responsible for imposing rules and regulations for various kinds of businesses and projects including the food and beverage business in Dubai.

Whether you decide to open a food and beverage business or a restaurant in the Dubai mainland or a free zone there are several authorities in charge of the area of the business that provides approvals, licensing, and permits needed prior to the setup of businesses in Dubai namely, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or DTCM, Dubai Economic Development or DED, Dubai Municipality or DM, and other relevant authorities. TheFood Control Department Dubai
is one of the main authorities to get approvals ensuring to follow the Food Code under the Food Safety Standards. The Food Code ensures safety at all costs from the initial phase of food production to the final phase of food consumption and guides the business owners and staffs about food safety standards in the food sector.

The Food Code initiative under the Food Control Department Dubai is applicable to the following category of business setup in Dubai.

Restaurants, hotels, cafeteria, and cafes.
Bakeries, Departmental stores, Supermarkets, and Grocery.
Food catering services, supplies to the cruise ship, desert camps, events, kiosks, and canteens.
Foodservice operation institutions in schools and hospitals.
Food factories, Food packing material manufacturers and supplies, and Warehouses.
Food events (temporary and permanent), Mobile vending operations, and Butcheries.
Food & Beverage Licenses and Permits
Trade license
Either the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for DTCM Permit
, the Department of Economic Development or DED for the mainland, or the independent authority for a particular free zone are responsible for providing trade licenses for business setup in Dubai. A selection of the appropriate food establishment category is important will be specified in the trade license.

The construction and drawing plans must be submitted and approved by the Food Control Department Dubai after acquiring the trade license.

Food license
Food license is provided by the Food Control Department Dubai or the Food Safety Department in Dubai with the following documents listed below that must be produced and submitted to the Food Control Department Dubai to obtain the business license or for any food & beverage business setup in Dubai.

Copy of the trade license or primary approval from DTCM
Interior design layout of the project including a blueprint showing the following:
Entry and exit passages
Food processing area
Food storage area
Windows and ventilation system
Location of food processing equipment
Washing machines, dishwashers, and other supportive equipment
Planning department approval is required if the business project is located outside the shopping center.

Application for NOC on foodstuff establishment trade license from the Food Safety Department or the Food Control Department Dubai is needed to complete the issuance of trade license relevant to the food business from DED or DTCM.

Other Licenses and Permits
Food transportation vehicle permit
Food truck license
Pork permit
Food Consignment Release license
Liquor license

Food Safety Measures
Proper appointment of qualified personnel, who will be responsible for the operations and food processing will be appointed by a person with specialized training.

It is necessary to obtain a NOC from the Dubai Municipality-Public Health Department before the commencement of the business. All of these requirements for licenses and permits according to the Food Control Department Dubai needs to be followed to avoid any problems before and after the business setup process and especially during the business operation.

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