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Can’t afford your First Home? Flat Pack Housing FTW

Flat Pack Housing Saves Money
With house prices seemingly on a “never-ending price rise”, buying your first home may seem out of reach. However, buying your first home might not be as impossible as it seems. There are companies within Australia that are now supplying “flat-pack” style housing for as little as $35,000.00.

20-068MR Guidelines for meeting upcoming AGM and financial reporting requirements following Coronavirus

Annual General Meetings
Coronavirus (COVID-19) may temporarily impact companies’ ability to hold an annual general meeting (AGM). This issue is most immediately relevant for listed and unlisted public companies with 31 December balance dates that are required to hold an AGM by 31 May 2020.

For These Entities, ASIC:

ATO Clarifies COVID-19 Rent Relief Concerns

The Australian Taxation Office has responded to widespread rent relief concerns on whether SMSF landlords providing rent relief to tenants due to the financial impacts of the novel coronavirus is a contravention of the SIS Act. The COVID-19 rent relief fund was established in May 2020 to assist tenants suffering from extreme hardship, with support of up to $2,000 or four weeks rent available.

Privileges For Australian Visa Applicants Affected By COVID-19

The COVID pandemic is bad for every individual. Every task was out of shape. There was no overseas trade, also the migration was not in progress. There was great confusion for Australian migration applications. But the government has found a solution. They have introduced COVID-19 concessions for visa applicants. These concessions were commenced on 19th September 2020.

Conveyancing – The Importance of Property Searches

When purchasing your property it is important that searches are carried out to check that the seller has met their disclosure obligations, that warranties in the contract are correct, and to obtain the information required to assist in your conveyance. It is important to ensure that all searches relevant to the purchase have been considered and that the appropriate searches are conducted at the correct stage of the conveyancing transaction.


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