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Yash's Diverse Range of Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) Condenser Bushings for High Voltage Transmission

Worldwide, Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) Condenser Bushings continue to be the mainstay of the high voltage transmission sector. These precisely crafted bushings are made of Kraft paper that is tightly wound around a conductor and carefully combined with finely graded capacitive structures that use aluminum foil intermediary layers. After a rigorous heat and vacuum drying process to remove any remaining moisture, this assembly is painstakingly impregnated with processed transformer oil.

Yash is proud to have designed a wide range of OIP Condenser bushings that cover a wide range of voltage and current ratings. Our product lines have flexible insulator alternatives that let customers to select between silicone and porcelain, meeting a range of industry demands.

At ILAC/NABL Accredited laboratories, all of our standard models go through thorough type testing while carefully following strict guidelines like IEC-60137/IEEE C57.19.00/01. We encourage direct engagement for requests for bespoke or specific types of tests. Together, let's create a custom techno-commercial solution that is ideal for your requirements.


Rated Voltage: 24 kV - 245 kV (IEC range) OR 25 kV - 230 kV (IEEE range)
Rated Current: 400 A to 3150 A*
Insulation: Oil-impregnated paper Hermetically sealed
Application: Transformer Outdoor
Type: Oil to Air, Air to Air, Oil to Oil
Insulator: Porcelain/Hollow Composite - Silicone
Standard: IEC 60137: 2017/ IEEE C57.19.00/01
Connection: Draw lead/Draw Rod/Solid Conductor
Yash is dedicated to providing top-notch high voltage transmission technology. Get in touch with us to discover our selection and the ideal answer to your needs.
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