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Turquoise Delights - How to Embrace This Season's Hottest Jewellery Trend

Accessorizing is more important than ever this season, so be sure to pick up some key pieces. Jewelry with turquoise is currently all the rage in the world of high fashion, and you can get the look with a few basic but sight pieces, whether you prefer designer or high-street mainstays.

Many trend-conscious people may be taken aback by the unexpected arrival of turquoise on catwalks around the world, as this gemstone has long been associated with hippies of past and present. After making such a splash in the media, it's no surprise to see singers, models, and Hollywood actresses wearing turquoise jewellery on the red carpet. Fortunately, the jewel is making its way to our favorite high street stores, so we can all refresh our wardrobes for the summer.

Despite the media buzz it's been getting as of late, turquoise has been treasured for millennia. The blue-green beauty is a true one-of-a-kind, and it has inspired some very stunning display pieces when set in silver and gold. The question is how to work this season's must-have trend into your wardrobe basics.

When it comes to jewellery made from turquoise, size does matter. Aim to stand out by wearing jewellery in a tribal style that highlights the distinctive qualities of this stunning rock. When shopping for these items, keep in mind that they should be big and ornate to accurately represent the bohemian spirit. When going for a chic and refined style, don't be afraid to accessorize with gold or silver. You may take your accessorizing even further by choosing a different color palette and another popular gemstone, such as blue topaz silver necklaces.

Wear your turquoise accessories with darker, more dramatic colors like red, or go for a completely monochromatic look by donning a black, white, or nude dress. If you want to add a little "pizazz" to your casual wear, turquoise is a great choice; pair it with some white tees and light denim for a chic look.

Turquoise Jewellery: The Ultimate Present for a December Birthday

Turquoise, a stunning azure valuable stone, has been associated with the December birthday for millennia. A turquoise necklace or bracelet, hand-crafted and finished in Sterling silver or 9ct gold, is a wonderful way to wear the stone that is said to bring good luck and protection when it is worn in conjunction with one's birthday.

Turquoise is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate that is typically found in aluminized igneous rocks. The name's literal translation, "Turkish," alludes to the historical fact that the jewel was brought to Europe by way of Turkey by Levantine merchants. One of the few opaque gemstones, turquoise's unique deep pigmentation ranges from green to blue depending on its makeup, with or without black veins running through the stone's matrix. One of the most popular variations of this stone is a vivid blue, as this shade is now popular in the realms of both fashion and jewellery. The December birthstones are turquoise and blue topaz, and turquoise is also traditionally given on the sixth and eleventh anniversaries of marriage.

First discovered in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, Iran, and the southwestern United States and Mexico, turquoise was among the earliest semi-precious stones to be mined. With mining having begun as early as 3,000 BC, it is not surprising that supplies of the mineral are dwindling. Because of this, fake turquoise is widely used in jewellery nowadays, while the value of authentic turquoise has increased.

Turquoise is the only gemstone with a rich and extensive history like its. When the mummy of the ancient Egyptian queen, Zer, was unearthed in 1900, she was wearing colorful turquoise bracelets. She had picked out the gem she would be wearing for the next seven thousand five hundred years. Consider also that the famed gold Tutankhamun death mask features several costly turquoise stones set into its design.

The reason turquoise is so significant historically is that many ancient cultures believed the stone to have potent psychic abilities. The Aztecs set the diamond aside for the Gods in sacred masks, and people all over Asia believed it would shield them from the evil eye if they wore it. Native Americans in the 16th century viewed turquoise as a conduit for the spirits of the sea and sky and thus used it as currency, as well as an amulet to defend them in battle and on the hunt. Protection-giving turquoise's reputation persists even in modern times. It has been used successfully in modern gemstone therapy to treat anxiety, sadness, gastrointestinal issues, viral infections, and rheumatism. If you give someone a piece of turquoise jewellery, they will take it as a token of your friendliness.

Whether or not you buy into the myths, there's no denying the stunning beauty of this center-stage gem.