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Top ways to prevent termites from spreading at your home

Termites can be the whole reason why your house is deemed unsafe. They can cause huge headaches with your home, sometimes resulting in a massive structural renovation. This process can cost huge amounts of money and can take months. To think a small white ant can cause such headaches to our homes is crazy to think, however it is a genuine problem we all can face. Nothing good comes of termites, so it is in our best interest to prevent them from coming anywhere near your home. Whether you have a brand-new house or an older property, termites are not fussy. In fact, 20% of new homes can be attacked within the first five years of being built. To stop this from happening, here are the top ways to prevent termites from spreading to your home or you can call for frequent pest control on Gold Coast.

Reduce moisture around your home

Now there are several different ways to do this, with some being more difficult than others. This said, here are some of the simplest ways to keep moisture away from your property:

Keep ground water away from the house. This is done by having a slope for rainwater, downpipes and gutters functioning and all pipes taking water away from the house.

Another easy step is to avoid over-watering plants or gardens that are close to your home. Whilst outdoors, check that you have no tap leaks or drain leakages.

Termites love moisture, so by having less moisture near your home, it acts as a natural termite barrier on the Gold Coast.

Reduce Termite Food

Termites are like any pest; they will only thrive in places where food is in abundance. Reduce the amount of wood mulch you have next to your home…if you do have it, ensure it is treated properly. If you have any timber or cardboard stored somewhere in or outside the house, try and keep it above ground level if possible. If you have firewood stored, try keep it the furthest distance from the house and above ground level. If you have a subfloor, do not keep timber under there. This is an invitation for termites to start exploring your house and eventually damaging the structure.

Peace of Mind

Now if you are concerned you may already have termites or just want peace of mind, booking a termite inspection on the Gold Coast is a great way to do so. Our experts will provide in-depth reporting and analysis of your property, giving you great advice on ways you can improve your property to serve as a termite barrier. If you do have termites, there are several different strategies to reduce their destruction and eventually eliminate them.