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These five winter ways to add a black coat

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 11/03/2021 - 05:06

All kinds of long woolen coats are common in winter, especially the black long coat. Because of its low-key and calm color and simple style, the black long coat has become a treasure item for everyone. But while a black coat can enhance your aura, the wrong combination can also lead to a dull look in winter.
When the woman went up especially after age, need to be in collocation more work up and down, on the foundation of the advanced feeling that retains black coat, build a not depressing, not old, not dress up tender visual effect. If you're stumped, here are five black coat tips that you can wear from your 30s to your 60s without looking too old or too young.
I. Black coat + white single item
As we all know, the biggest problem of black long coat lies in low tonal lightness, which is relatively low-key and gloomy visually. Wearing it in winter can easily give people a depressing visual sense, and adding white with high lightness to the shape can easily dissolve this old feeling.
After all, black and white color has passed the test of time, still occupy a place in the fashion circle, it is difficult to be out of date and elegant temperament. When combining white sheet with black coat however is tasted, we need to notice white sheet to taste choice.
For example, in winter, white straight trousers with high waist and cigarette trousers can be used to combine black woolen overcoat. Such trousers can not only enhance lightness and brightness, but also modify leg shape with appropriate tightness and straight cutting.
Adding white to your upper body is another effective way to break up the dullness of your outfit, such as pairing a white turtleneck, T-shirt or sweater with a black tweed coat.
This kind of build method is promoting modelling brightness at the same time, also have transfer line of sight effect, build version inside white nevertheless proposal as far as possible a bit of cultivate one's morality.
Two, black coat + jeans
Besides the depressing feeling that neutralizes black coat with white, mix with the aid of build skill also can have this one effect.
One of the most common is to combine a variety of casual jeans with a long black woolen coat, using the tannin material to enhance the fashion and casual feel of the dress.
And there are many versions of jeans, no matter how old the wearer is, tall or short, fat or thin, they can find their own style.
It is worth mentioning that when combining jeans with coats, jeans version is not recommended to be too loose, this is because the coat is relatively stiff, if pants are too loose, then the shape will give people a sense of procrastination.
Winter this kind of build method to open a way correctly is to use cigarette tube jeans, nine minutes conical jeans or small straight tube jeans combination coat, loose union wash and practice easy, optimized figure scale again.
Three, black coat + the same color department inside the bottom
Another way to get rid of monotony is to combine a long black woolen coat with the same color.
For example, here, a light gray hoodie is used to connect the same color of nine points of cigarette pipe pants, and a black long coat is draped outside. The inner coat and the bottom coat are of the same color, just to create a narrow and long H shape, easy to show high and thin.
Also, if you're using it for the workplace, you can swap the bottom for a leggings and high-waisted suit pants.
Inside take bottom outfit to be the same as color this one build method plasticity is very strong also, the dressing effect that design differs place builds to come also can differ somewhat. If you like an elegant and sophisticated look, you can choose a plain knit dress or a plain cashmere dress.
This kind of build method shows thin in the vision while, can be modelling infuse ripe age woman flavour again.
Four, black coat combination skirt, knee boots
When wearing a black coat in winter, in order to avoid heavy and old-fashioned dress, we can also promote lightness through a combination of skirt, dissolve the original stiff stiff.
Among them, the dress style is also very rich. If it is A pear-shaped figure with thick legs and wide hips, then you can consider an umbrella skirt, a-word skirt or pleated skirt, which both keeps out the fat and is fashionable and romantic.
If the figure is more confident, then short skirt, dress skirt is absolutely the first choice, out of the street combination knee boots, beautiful and sa.
Five, black coat combination belt
Another thing that can contribute to the dull look of a black coat in winter is a blurred waistline or a loose fit.
And the black coat has the belt in the shape of the addition, no matter what kind of version of the coat, can wear an X figure, more slender and graceful.
It also optimizes proportions by elevating your waist line, making you look taller and longer.Read more at: blue formal dresses australia | black formal dresses australia