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Something intellectual and feminine

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 20:41

It's getting cold, and it's time to put on your coat again. A lot of middle-aged women, complaining coat is not easy to wear a sense of fashion, accidentally will wear a sense of dama. In fact, this is due to not mastering the skills of wearing a coat. Today, I share the way of wearing an old blogger's coat, so that you can easily wear a sense of fashion, temperature and grace.
The way to wear the coat is not simply set on the body, need to combine the version, color, collocation, and the way to wear, to complete. It sounds complicated, but in practice it's not difficult at all.
Medium length coats are easier to wear
First of all, from the selection, the coat is roughly divided into short, long and super long. The longer the coat nature seems to keep warm the stronger, but want to wear beautiful and generous, also want to choose according to the figure, tall women naturally do not have to tangle the length of the coat, the figure is not tall enough women, choose short or in long just more appropriate.
Middle-aged women with the growth of age, sometimes there will be middle-aged signs of weight gain, in the process of dressing, they tend to ignore the portrayal of waist line. Warm, comfortable enough, but it is difficult to get temperament, and may bring a bloated picture.
A tight waist shows a good figure
The coat with the belt will greatly weaken the occurrence of such a situation, the belt is simple to make a knot, immediately can be divided into the proportion of the upper and lower body, if you want to elongate the proportion of the lower body, only need to raise the waist line, can form the golden proportion of short and long.
For example, this coat style, loose style will not have a great restriction on the figure, women with thick waist and wide legs can be assured to control, there will not be any inappropriate. Also need not worry because of the style of loose, and wear a fat feeling.
With a thin belt, the waist, do not need to be too tight, natural relaxation, more elegant and atmospheric. The collocation of the lower part of the body can use a slim style, for example, a black pencil pants, tie-in black boots, make a wide outline line under narrow, easy harvest good figure.
Waist to create success, for the beauty of the show has a great help. In addition to adding a belt to create a slim waist, you can also wear it with an open coat to create a beautiful look.
It's more elegant to wear your coat open
Open the coat to wear, more comfortable and free, but also to form a walking picture with wind, appear fashionable and elegant. When a lot of mature women wear coats, they like to wrap themselves tightly, especially when the inner choice is very thick, it is easy to form the feeling of showing old.
Open the coat to wear, the interior is beautiful is the key to the overall look. Women who like elegant styles can choose dresses that show their figure, while those who like a cut style can opt for neat pants.
For example, this Burgundy coat, shoulder style, loose version, create a languid feminine, with a black dress, create a rich layer, foot on a pair of black ankle boots, fashion and elegant.
Choose a suitable coat, in addition to considering length, color, version is also a part that cannot be ignored. Different figures, different styles of women, the choice of the version will be different. In general, the outline of the coat is divided into A, H, O, X, each can show different beauty, but will also have their own picky place. The H-shaped coat is the least attractive.
An H - shaped coat is very tall
H - shaped coats are as wide as top and bottom, presenting a straight tube. H-shaped coats are characterized by smooth lines and a lengthwise extension that visually creates a sense of height. H-shaped coats can create a polished and crisp style for commuting or casual wear.
To create a rigorous image, you can neatly button up every button of your coat. If you like casual wind, you can also open the coat to wear, revealing the inside of the interior, natural and relaxed. The H-shape coat is very inclusive to the body, and can be controlled by the high, low, fat and thin, but the length and width are adjusted.
A-line coats are feminine
A-shape coat, the overall appearance looks narrower above, wider below, the triangular appearance not only contains the figure, but also reveals more feminine taste. For the sister with thick waist and thick legs, you can rest assured to wear an A-shape coat, which can not only hide fat, but also create A gentle feminine taste.
An appropriate coat, not only can hold up your aura, also can keep out the cold wind for you, it is the indispensable sheet in the almirah of middle-aged women, as long as the simple sheet with collocation is used, it can easily wear a momentum. Like this sister, two different styles of coat, inside the choice is white knitting + black pants + black long shoes, wear a lasting appeal is not the same, but each one sends out a charming charm, elegant and advanced.Read more at: formal dress | knee length cocktail dresses