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Small sex doll with couple

Submitted by aldollsale on Mon, 10/10/2022 - 00:16

This story begins with a doll customization inquiry email sent to aldoll. There was a Belgian customer who sent several pictures as doll customization requests. In the pictures, there was a 3-to-4-year-old pretty girl with blond hair, reddish skin, big blue eyes, a high-bridged nose, and rich, ruddy lips. Due to laws meant to restrict and control pedophilia, however, many European countries prohibit the import of realistic sex doll. The retailer will be recorded and blacklisted if the imported child-like dolls are found at customs. In addition, customers may also be in violation of the law. Therefore, we emailed the customer back, and explained the issues with European laws, issuing a refund for the deposit. ( Click to see if it is illegal to buy sex dolls in your country or region).
A couple of days later, the Belgian customers (a wife and husband) added our customer service representative via WhatsApp, and started a video communication. They said that, after reading the email response, they had verified the relevant Belgian laws, and did not see restrictions on importing the child-like doll. They appreciated us for reminding them about the law, and explained to us their reasons for the customized doll. In the video call, the couple opened a door in their house. We saw a warm and lovely room with cartoon characters like a bunny, Snow White, Alice, and Cinderella painted on the walls and ceiling. There was a pink little bed and many plush toys. In addition, there were a lot of pictures hanging on the walls. Most of the pictures were group photos of a little girl and the couple. I realized it was the same girl in the photo that we received for doll customization.
They had thought about having another child, however, due to age and physical issues, it was unrealistic. One day, the wife had coincidentally seen aldoll's Facebook page, and was attracted. There were so many beautiful and realistic dolls. After a month of consideration , the couple decided to customize a doll based on their daughter. Without the impediment of the law, we were willing to help them and make their pretty princess come to life. Per their requirements, we added simple AI features so the sex doll could say Dad, Mom, I love you, I'm hungry, and I'm happy.
The doll was the only way the couple could relive happy thoughts. After they received the doll, the couple replied to an email, and said they were happy and felt like their daughter was back with them. The mini doll doesn't grow up like their daughter did. The couple will become older and older. This customized flat chested sex doll, however, will give them simple affection, reducing their sadness for their remaining years.