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Sidewalk violations New York City

It is a matter of fact that building owners are mostly not aware of the fact that the sidewalks in front of their buildings is their responsibility. They often treat it with negligence, and never repair it if it gets damaged. Sidewalks are an essential component of a city, especially of NYC. Because as the population grows in nyc, the need for sidewalks increases. Many people use sidewalks as a way to reach their destinations. Therefore these sidewalks hold immense importance, as they are not only a part of the infrastructure of the whole city, but they are also an important way of commuting for so many people. But many sidewalk owners don't realize the fact they should maintain these sidewalks just like they would maintain their own building.

To make people realize this, a violation is issued by DOT (department of transportation) to the building owners in case of damaged sidewalks. These violations are issued after a thorough inspection by the official authorities. If the sidewalk is found in a compromised condition then that building owner is issued a violation notice immediately. The biggest dilemma here for the building owner is that they are even aware of the fact most of the time, that their sidewalk is their property for which they are responsible. Even if they are aware they don't know how to stay away from the violations, and what things would cause the violation actually. So in this article we are going to list down some common violations which are issued for sidewalks.

1. Collapsed sidewalk:
Sidewalk collapse can usually occur due to heavy loads on the sidewalks. This should be avoided as sidewalks are not built to carry weight over their carrying capacity. Moreover sidewalks are built to walk not for carrying heavy loads. In this case if the sidewalk is collapsed due to heavy loading or even due to any mishap, then the building owner is issued a notice. If the building owner is not responsible then he can ask the concerned party for compensating the damage by getting it repaired. In other cases the building owner is solely responsible for compensating the sidewalk by getting it repaired.

2. Tree roots:
Trees are a great source of incorporating a hint of scenic beauty into the city environment. But sometimes tree roots growing underneath the sidewalk surfaces can cause major issues for sidewalks. It can grow above the sidewalks, and can cause serious damages to the sidewalks. This is the thing for which violation can be issued by the Department of transportation (DOT) for damaged sidewalk. So this is the thing for which building owners should look out for on their sidewalks.

3. Dangerous slope:
Sometimes the sidewalk surface starts to tilt in a specific direction, due to any condition such as harsh weather, improper use, excessive use etc. This can be a serious cause of accidents as the tilted slope may be very abrupt and cause people to fall, and eventually lead to hazardous accidents. Similarly it can cause water to flow down on the roads causing soil erosion as well. Therefore this issue can get the building owner a sidewalk violation notice and they may want the building owner to get nyc sidewalk repair services as soon as possible.