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Notifying the Landlord When There is a Flood in Your Apartment

While you are the one living in the apartment, the property is the responsibility of the landlord. As soon as you are safe and out of harms’ way with the flooding, you need to notify your landlord. This allows them to know about the situation, which they may have no idea about it if they don’t live on the property, and then they can get some maintenance workers onsite to get it all cleaned up before more damage happens to the apartment.
Try to use as many methods as possible to help make sure the landlord knows you need help and can get back to you. If it is a smaller complex, then giving them a call is often going to be enough. If not, you may need to use a few methods to make sure that the landlord or the property manager knows that you need their assistance as soon as possible. If you call or email, you need to leave information so the property manager knows who is calling. Your name, address, and unit number will help, as well as information about the flooding. They can then start to call in the professionals and get that moving before they call you back.
Do not hesitate when notifying your landlord about the flooding, even if you are the one to blame for it or it was the problem of a natural disaster. They need to know as soon as possible to take care of the issue and protect the apartment. It does not take very long for an apartment that is flooded to become hazardous and other people in the units can get hurt as well. It is best to report the situation as soon as possible, even if the weather or something else makes it impossible for the landlord to get in there. They can at least notify others of the problem and tell them to stay away, getting a professional in the door to clean up and stop the flooding before it gets worse.
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