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New Balance tripartite joint were introduced twenty generations

Submitted by yesilm on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 22:24

580 naturally playful personality can be fully felt in many shoe designs, which is why 580 gradually play out their own street style. Since Nike Air Max 90 Damenbetween 2000-2010 eleven years, mita Sneakers x realmad HECTIC x New Balance tripartite joint were introduced twenty generations, 37 product, make MT580 become street areas and Sneaker of the most sought-after models. Coupled with the trend followed by other units launched a joint work, MT580 now holds over 60Nike Air Max 90 Essential Femme joint works. Every joint cooperation of design inspiration is given 580 new breakthroughs, but also makes the 580 can play a range of street children.

2013, MRT580 as a lightweight version of the 580, turned out, carrying the REVlite damping technology, so MRT580 became very lightweight, lightweight Sneaker cater Sneaker heads for the pursuit, a time fame, becoming the "new doctrine street "Representative shoes. Which shares the new force to join, so 580 series has more possibilities, remodeling street style. For the 580, it was born in the streets it will not miss any interesting ideas. Whether it is a military theme, outdoor style, also the studio or the metronome, can become a source of inspiration 580. This time, New Balance MRT580MI design inspired by a game called tennis legend - "The Battle of Surfaces". This is a tennis Nike Air Max 1 Hommeexhibition in 2007 held. This game is unique in that the world has a unique tennis court: half grass and half clay court. Earlier in the 48-game winning streak on grass, four times Wimbledon champion Federer and 72-game winning streak on clay, the second French Open champion Rafael Nadal to conduct a "territory of war.Nike Free Run 2 Homme " Eventually this king of strong dialogue, Nadal with a total score of 2: 1 victory over the opponent, defending their territory.

In seven years, mita Sneakers for the war and to pay tribute to this legendary design a new balance MRT580MI. All are covered by the upper symbol of tennis fluorescent green fluff material, the shoes in my hand, as if holding a tennis ball. Knot pattern on the insole from the tennis court in the middle of the net. This time MRT580MI specially prepared two insoles. The two vice insoles also hidden mystery, a symbol of support insole better grass pitches, a cushioning insole better symbolizes the clay courts. Like Mr. Wing of the country we live well said, "This time the new balance MRT580MI came to China will once again become the latest trend in China Sneaker circle guide."

Classic generations of this new Nike Air Max 90 Homme balance 580 shoes Exhibition of ancient exhibited all sneakers enthusiasts bound to evoke memories for 580. Meanwhile, the heritage of 580 consumers suffered classic shoes and cushioning technology, equipped REVlite lightweight midsole technology and more fashion elements MRT580MI will also be for sale on the Exhibition for shoe lovers and collectors of cool Adds list shoes on a masterpiece.