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NBA2K16 shipped four million copies in the first week.

    2K 16 announced that the first week since the game's release,buy nba 2k16 mt coins.and has shipped four million copies, which is quite a gratifying number.
    It should be stressed that, where the shipment does not mean that there are four million copies of the game in the hands of players, but the retailer sold 4 million copies. Although this does not fully show the popularity of the game, but still is an impressive achievement. A series for the energy in a very short period of time there is such a milestone escape performance.
    In addition, twice the number of players online digital edition sales nba2k16 same period is also nearly three times nba2k15.
    From the previous IGN to "nba2k16" evaluation point of view, the game performance in AI, online stability outstanding, finely crafted NBA2K16,buy nba mt coins with cheap is one of the highest degree of completion of the works we have ever seen.