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Missing person - what to do?

... went into the forest for mushrooms, no second day ...

… left work at 17:30 since then whereabouts unknown…

…help, a child is missing!…

Information about the missing is full of social media feeds, bulletin boards in shopping centers, entrances and bus stops. It's scary even to think about your loved ones. But still, please read our recommendations. And may they never come in handy.

When to start looking?  If we are talking about a child, then half an hour after he did not come home at the appointed time. You also need to start looking for an adult right away: firstly, the missing person has not gone far yet, secondly, the recordings on the cameras have not yet “closed” with more recent ones, thirdly, witnesses can still easily remember him, and fourthly, even a search engine the dog will be able to follow.

Where to start searching? If a child is missing, first carefully search the house and the area around - a common story when a child fell asleep or for some reason hid in a closet, in the attic, under the bed, in the closet, and everyone is looking for him. A recent story is that a child slept on a garden swing while nervous adults ran past. You can also use fast people search free

What to do if a loved one goes missing?

Contact the police with a missing person report. You must have documents confirming your identity, as well as documents of the missing person, if possible. Be sure to take a photo of the missing person with you, preferably the most recent one, and analyze which of the things went missing with him. The police take the complaint immediately. The rule that you have to wait three days does not exist in nature! If you have a reason, you can file an application even an hour after the alleged disappearance of a loved one. There is no “time limit”, we repeat once again - the application must be accepted immediately, at any police station (however, the process will go faster if you contact the police at the place of residence of the missing person), regardless of your family ties with the missing person! You can file a missing person or neighbor's report.
The police need to take the contacts of the officer who will deal with your case in order to quickly contact him if necessary - the missing person may return home or new evidence will appear.

Call the hotline. The hotline is open 24/7 and is free of charge. There are 3 operators on the line at the same time, your call will be answered. The hotline operator will ask a few basic questions and transfer the application to the right region to those who will deal with it. After applying for a hotline, you will be contacted to clarify the details. Please provide correct information! Any circumstances and details are important. Our volunteers ask questions to create the most complete picture of the missing person and the circumstances of his disappearance. After all, the search for a person suffering from some kind of disease will be significantly different from the search for a completely healthy one, and the search for a teenager who has run away from home is not at all the same as the search for a child who has disappeared on the way from school. Questions asked by our volunteers - this is not a manifestation of idle curiosity, even if they seem too intimate or strange to you (for example, if a person with an age-related memory disorder has disappeared, we carefully find out where he worked and lived many years ago, which sometimes causes bewilderment and even irritation among those who does not know that people with such disorders are often sent to the so-called places of attachment of many years ago). Personal information about the missing person is confidential, and a strictly limited number of people have access to it. We never give out the details of the private lives of those we are looking for to third parties or the media. Therefore, please do not draw an improved portrait of the missing! Do not hide what, from your point of view, does not color him: hard drinking, bad relationships with loved ones, the fact that you beat a child for a misconduct, and so on.
Call relatives, friends and acquaintances of the missing person. If a child is missing, this should be the first action: call friends, classmates, teachers, parents of classmates, adults who are authoritative for him (for example, his favorite coach), ex-husbands and wives, grandparents - and do not forget, when he is found, again everyone call the list, thank you for the help and apologize for the disturbance, but when the child is missing, don't think that it's embarrassing, what they think of you, and so on - call! If you are interested in people legacy, follow the link to learn more.
Connect as many people as possible to the search, especially those who know the missing person by sight: relatives, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, neighbors. Under the guidance of an experienced searcher, these people can play a decisive role in finding the missing person. Your family and friends are the most motivated search participants.
If a child is missing, then you will simply need the help of loved ones, because one person must stay at home in case the missing person returns, another can go along the route that the child was supposed to go or go home, the third one can personally go to school or to friends and so on. If an adult is missing, someone should still stay at home: the missing person can return, it is important to find out about it in time and not waste energy on an irrelevant search.
When your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors find out that a person has gone missing in your family - and especially if a search has begun with the distribution of orientations - you will hear a million tips from them. We recommend that if you have a suggestion that the advice is sound, discuss it with the police. If you follow social networks, do not enter into correspondence in the comments, but rather do not read them - let the information coordinators of the search do it, because "couch experts" often, without getting up, "can" tell where your missing person is, and, knowing nothing, to stigmatize all his relatives and friends. Usually, in such situations, psychics are activated (we do not have a single reliable case when they could correctly indicate the location of a person), scammers who are ready to tell where the missing person is for a certain amount, and bored lovers of details. Unfortunately, all of them will not help the search, and your mental strength will be wasted.
Don't post APs without police approval : There may be reasons why we and the police decide not to post APs - for example, if we assume the person may have gone on a drinking binge and don't want the person to be known to be missing once they are found all social networks; if we are looking for a teenager who has run away from home and assume that he is in his own area, the orientation posted around the block or posted on social networks can scare him and drive him out of the area.
Do not post your personal phone number - you are unlikely to be able to separate false testimonies from reliable ones. In addition, we, unfortunately, are aware of cases when the parents of missing children, who indicated their address and telephone number, were not allowed to live in peace for years by “caring” people.
And of course, don't lose hope.