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Important Notice: Norway bans the sale of dolls that are larger than life

Submitted by aldollsale on Fri, 10/14/2022 - 00:10

We have seen that European regulations regarding the size of a child doll, which is a life-size, are changing over the past few months. Some European countries are increasing their imports of Child-Like dolls. What is the effect on regular dolls? Realistic Love Doll's sex dolls do not look child-like. This new rule applies to all mini dolls, regardless of their breast size.

What can you import?

To avoid problems at customs, we encourage our customers to opt for dolls that are 140cm or larger. We cannot guarantee that mini-dolls will be exported to Norway, even though they aren't child-like. We also have problems exporting 100cm dolls to the UK because of the ban. We don't see any problems exporting 140cm mini sex doll in Norway with large breasts and larger sizes.

The child-protection regulations may not apply to the little ones. It is up to the customs officers to decide. Norway Ban on childlike dolls NorwayBan on childlike dolls Norway flat chested sex doll can be freely imported into many countries around the world, except the muslim ones. They are only considered sex toys. Our dolls are imported under the "Mannequin" code. Customs officers will only perform an X-ray check to ensure that no illegal items are being smuggled. We are closely watching the regulations for mini dolls, especially in Europe.