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Handball was bedevilled to a penalty

In the bold of Absolute Madrid 2-1 achievement over Malaga, Ramos's added appetite was offside advanced of the fifa 17 points first; in the bold Barcelona vs. Villarreal, Bruno Soriano's advised handball was abandoned by the referee; the endure is the Absolute Madrid and Villarreal's game, the aforementioned is Bruno Soriano, Because the handball was bedevilled to a penalty, but in Marca, this time Bruno absent the brawl on no purpose.

"In arena adjoin the aforementioned fifa 17 points account team, but there's a aberration of eight points," said Pique, who wrote on Twitter.These screenshots are from the media in Madrid. How do you FIFA 17 coins buyers anticipate of it?Real Madrid on Valencia's defeat accomplish the Barcelona locker allowance had a huge optimism.

Absolute Madrid is now bent in a mess. Navas, Varan and Benzema accept been criticized; Barcelona players accept that if fifa 17 coins on the alley they can accept achievement over Atletico, it will abundantly enhance the assurance of the team. Aggressive for La Liga champions, findind aback their own football is the key.

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