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Do shipping container sheds provide good storage?

Shipping containers and shipping container sheds make fantastic storage areas. They are a great way of getting a very secure storage area at a realistic price and are available almost anywhere. A shipping container shed gives you the advantage of being easily relocatable and almost indestructible. They require minimal ground preparation and no foundations.

Shipping container sheds because of their modular shape, they make great storage areas, they boast a good width and height, enough to easily drive a car,trailer, boat or small truck inside.

Super secure

Made with heavy gauge steel shipping container sheds are extremely secure. They require steel cutting machinery or a blow torch to break into them, plus they are so heavy that they are almost impossible to steal without a crane. Certainly no match for most thieves to carry away as they weigh up to 5,000lbs empty. The only real enemy of shipping container sheds is rust, but a good coat of quality paint will stop this problem.

Environmentally friendly

In many areas there is a large surplus of shipping containers to make sheds from, they are piling up and starting to become an environmental issue, so using them constructively as shipping container sheds are a sound environment move.


Shipping containers are stackable and totally self supporting, you can use them as a base for a dome shed and stack them several high to make an interesting work or living space.

Being easily transported the make great temporary storage areas, either at home, for businesses, on the farm or at mine sites.

Fitting out a container for storage

Being all steel shipping container sheds are easy to work on for the average handy person, they can be drilled, welded making it very easy to build shelves or partitions inside and remodel them to suit almost any application. You can add windows, doors, fit an air conditioner or fans, plumbing and a power supply as required with very little expense and effort.

Shipping container sizes

Shipping containers suitable for sheds come in a variety of sizes

  • Lengths of 8ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft
  • Widths of 7ft 1inch to 8ft
  • Heights of 7ft 5in, 8ft 6inches and 9 ft 6 inches

Shipping container types

There is a range of shipping containers suitable for sheds, these include:

  • Dry containers are the most common types that most people are familiar with
  • Flat rack containers have collapsible sides to accommodate oversized loads
  • Open top containers have a removable top and are used for over height cargo
  • Tunnel Containers have a door at both ends for ease of unloading
  • Open side shipping containers have a door on the side rather than at the ends
  • Refrigerated shipping containers are used for perishable foods or goods
  • Insulated shipping containers are great for shipping container sheds in hot areas

There are also such things as half height containers and shipping containers designed to carry cars. Often these have collapsible sides and ends.


With a good range of shipping containers for sheds it’s possible to get a very strong, secure and lockable storage area at a very competitive price. You can mix and match different shipping containers to create an ideal storage area or if you like match them with dome tops to make an ideal complex for storing thing or even a living space.