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Blanco: Tomorrow's match will be very exciting

Submitted by arantxa on Tue, 09/29/2015 - 23:49

Wednesday night, Blanco will usher in an important Champions League group stage war, Paris Saint-Germain will play away to Shakhtar Donetsk. Blanco Shakhtar will be seen as a formidable opponent.
    Reporter: "Maxwell said earlier, this game should first do a good defense, then, the defense is the focus of the game do.?"
    Blanco:. "Are the focus, not just our investment in the defense forces will be as usual for all the games, the defense in the Champions League, but when we did not play our ball tactics, we must get better defensively. We already know Shakhtar play very beautiful, their game philosophy very well, they are good at ball. Now the question is, we play is the same, we would not retreating . Defensive So now left two teams have the same problem: how to prevail in the Possession So, this game has all the wonderful elements, then perhaps who better defense, who will be able to win the final? victory. "
    Reporter: "Some people say that the Champions League is to evaluate the results that you and your team the only criterion, you think this is fair?"
    Blanco: "The issue should be up to you to answer, because your job is to evaluate my every team has its own goals, our goal is not just to win the Champions League, the Champions League is not the only thing we have to participate. Championships. If you say you just to evaluate me with the Champions League, then I think it's not fair, though I know the whole world wants this trophy. So, for you, for me, for French football, we will try to win this trophy. "
    Reporter: "the game against Nantes intermission, Tiago - Silva delivered a speech in the locker room inspire teammates, you think he's such behavior commendable it?"
    Blanco: "This situation not often, after all, not every game we all played as bad as that in the first half against Nantes last season, there may be a few games Tiago is the team's captain, he published. normal speech, the way he speaks, especially commendable, he always start from yourself, then call everyone must awaken. Such behavior certainly commendable. "
    Reporter: "Since Cavani join PSG, his performance did not seem a good imagination, what do you think?"
    Blanco: "He joined PSG in the first six months, the performance is almost perfect, he almost scored after a steady stream, some of his goals less, but it is not, but not so consistent you cheap FIFA coins. Cavani know how I view it? He's a every season at least 30 balls into the shooter, he was in this year toward this goal. This team is a big plus, because all the teams want to have a top striker, and we are fortunate to have two scoring striker countless (Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic). In order to accomplish our goals with them is very important for . Whenever Cavani 2,3 consecutive games went into When the ball or missed some opportunities, you are always the first to jump out, have a big news, some criticize him. I told your views are very different, with 30 goals to enter a shooter, I am very satisfied.
    Reporter: "A victory can assure you that you do the last 16 Shakhtar is the strongest opponent you faced this year, it??"
    Blanco: "I do not like a theory, such as last year, we have 1 to 1 draw with Ajax after, you think I have apocalyptic that we could not appear, but the reality proves that you are wrong, of course. For us, victory is certainly the best result, our objective is to win. But then how, now can not jump to conclusions. As this is not our strongest opponent in the face of this year, I express no can tell, we do not to evaluate if he is not the strongest, but this is a team event every year to participate in the war in Europe, there are a lot of good players in Brazil and Ukraine, there is a good coach to understand the music. They All the team can create problems, such as against Real Madrid in the first half, they had 55 open. This is only a technical, ambitious team. This is a very good opponent, I do not know if the miners are not this year We met the strongest opponent, but we represent the greatest respect for them. "
    Reporter: "Can you comment about the team's list?"

    Blanco: "I'm in the game against Nantes frozen David - Ruiz, his knees a little problem, is not very serious, but the cure is not good to play against him will have some impact, we will wait until Tuesday's last class training sessions to see how the case, Van der Veer is the same, then we know that these small problems have not completely disappeared. "
    Reporter: "Donetsk environment will affect the team's play it?"
    Blanco: "Environmental factors are always hard to say, even though we already know in advance some information here cheap FIFA 16 coins, but we are still not well adapted I personally know the city, three years ago, I had to lead the French team. Here in the European Cup, our base camp is located here. Anyway, we are here to win the game, with this determination, we can ignore the adverse environmental factors. "