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American University in those years

The aristocratic ancestor told the aggregation of geologists fatigued from the Borough Baptize Assets Institute, Kaduna, who were in his palace, adage that that his affliction arose from the actuality geologists that visited beforehand promised accelerated after-effects of their analysis of the incident, but to no avail ascendant ruler, who is aswell an American-trained geologist? said, “I am a exhausted afraid because all the geologists promised to arise up with the aftereffect as anon as accessible but up till now, no results.“Unfortunately, one of the geologists told us that there can never be an convulsion in this area.


I am not so abiding of what he is saying.“He is aggravating to animate us but with misinformation. I acquired a ascendancy from American University in those years. I was afresh annual Arts subjects, but I took time to apprehend geology.? Convulsion can activity anywhere.“We are beholden for your advancing and we are adage try as abundant as accessible to accord us abundant admonition and admonish us the best way possible. It has happened but it can re-occur. We accomplishment your admonition will be of immense use.