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Age of Conan's subscriber levels

Funcom bankrupt out its 2008 budgetary year on a austere note. While the Norwegian bold aggregation saw Age of Conan beforehand revenues to $39.9 actor during the 12-month period, Funcom suffered a ample $33.8 actor accident during the period. However, as adumbrated by Funcom at the time of its full-year abode in February, the aboriginal allotment of 2009 has apparent a stabilization in Age of Conan's user base, with cable durations aswell on the rise. The chance for anniversary and anatomy continues. Substantiating those words with numbers, Funcom has appear as allotment of its first-quarter balance abode that net assets for the January-March aeon accomplished $1.47 actor on $7.7 actor in revenue. While not a decidedly cogent allegory accustomed Age of Conan's May 2008 release, Funcom's accepted first-quarter financials analyze to profits of $919,000 on revenues of Funcom did not accommodate an amend on Age of Conan's subscriber levels, adage alone that the bold "is seeing a cogent admission in players and new barter per month."


The bold maker as well acclaimed that the boilerplate time spent arena the bold is on the rise, as are boilerplate cable periods. Looking advanced to the April-June quarter, Funcom projected revenues of amid $5 actor and $7 million, led primarily by Age of Conan cable fees. The Norwegian aggregation aswell said that its banknote reserves--which currently angle at $39.6 million--will be acceptable to barrage its accessible titles, including The Secret World, which was formally debuted during this year's Bold Developers Conference.