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According to Washington Capitals proprietor

Submitted by jaywillen on Wed, 11/25/2015 - 16:11

The NBA is absolutely more well-known at Alexey Shved Purple Jersey the sportsbook than the NHL but you may be amazed to learn that the NHL is the more lucrative league.
According to Washington Capitals proprietor Ted Leonsis who is in the process of buying the Washington Wizards, the NHL is a far more profitable league. When it comes to money the NHL is making it whereas the NBA is not, even though enthusiasts at the online sportsbook don't give the NHL much of a look.
Sportsbook NBA gambling get a lot more attention than NHL gambling and NBA competitions are just more well-known than NHL competitions. When it comes to profitability, though, the two leagues are the opposite. After looking at the financials of both the leagues, Leonsis said that there is no question the NHL is far more lucrative than the NBA. The NHL has a solid salary cap whereas the NBA does not. As far as profitability, teams like Dallas tend to spend money foolishly compared to NHL teams. Leonsis said that a lot of teams in the NBA are hemmorhaging money. The NBA is looking at changing their salary cap after next season and a lockout could happen if the players don't agree to the changes.
Leonsis is an owner who knows a Alonzo Mourning Blue Jersey lot about shelling out too much money. He expended too much capital when he acquired the Capitals in 1999, back when the NHL did not have a solid salary cap. That was altered after the NHL lockout in 2004-2005 and since that time Leonsis built the Capitals into a winning team on and off the ice and against the odds at the sportsbook. Beginning with the first pick in the NBA Draft next month, Leonsis is planning to rebuild the Wizards into champions. The NBA needs some good ownership and Leonsis is considered an excellent NHL owner. So many teams are not well run.
Many public gamblers look at the NBA and want to make wagers at the sportsbook on the sport since it has a higher profile. Other gamblers will look at the NHL because it goes below the radar a little bit in terms of sportsbook odds. As long as they are profitable, it doesn't really matter where the wagers come from. That is something to bear in mind as you look at wagering on NBA and NHL odds at the online sportsbook.