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24 Watt LED Solar Street Light Over 2,400 Lumen Two Piece LED Solar Street Lights

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ACTUAL BRIGHT LIGHT 24 Watts of LED power- Over 2400 Lumens of bright light. Unlike others this is an Industrial Strength Solar Street Light or Solar Post Light. 5000K is a pure white color ensuring clear lighting without being harsh. Lights up your garden, driveway, patio, entrance, street or anywhere you need light after dark. Unit Dimensions are 630mm x 325mm x 140mm
NO MOTION SENSOR DUSK TO DAWN ONLY By popular demand, we finally introduced it. The 24watt Solar Street Light goes on at dusk at 100% brightness. No motion sensor included. This means full brightness for the critical early hours of the night when you actually want it (but reduced battery times). Automatically turns off in daylight and goes into recharge mode. See our all in one options for longer run times by using dim lighting.