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BBA vs BCOM — Which Should You Opt For?

In career, we should know in which subject we are good at then it will be easy and clear path for us for the future opportunities which are waiting for us. In commerce, we have two options like BBA & BCOM and we are confused which one is better. In BBA, you will gey salary scope, scalability and networking. In BCOM, we have some best options like versatile job prospects, thriving employment, high salary and career growth. Both the BBA and BCOM have future different opportunities marketing, operations, government, analysis, auditing & etc.

Easy Guide on How to Apply for PhD in India

Doctor of philosophy (PhD) is the research kind of degree made for the people who want to more research which has been given to the people who submit their thesis before the expert’s panel. As it is the higher level degree it requires lot of study, work and time. Once you become the PhD student then you can published your own articles and release your patents. If you are more interested in studies then you can study what you want to study and keep doing the research until you achieve something. PhD has some types which involves management, pharmacy and philosophy.

Study MBA Abroad with These GMAT Preparation Tips

After completing your under graduation if you want to do the MBA in foreign country then at first you have to crack GMAT exam. This is the most trusted exam to improve your analyzing and critical thinking skills for management studies. It is the online test. There is a criterion to appear for the GMAT test like you should have at least 18 years old with the bachelor’s degree and you can appear for the exam 5 times within 12 months. To register yourself they have their separate website.

List Of Competitive Exams After Graduation in 2023

In India, every year many graduates coming out of the under graduation and then they go different career opportunities. While preparing for the graduation you can appear for the multiple numbers of competitive exams to appear to get the good and high salary job. Civil services exam like Indian economic services examination, Indian statistical services, combined services examination conducted by UPSC every year.

11 Reasons Why People like Free Online Jobs

The online job role plays big role when it comes to work free because most of the people loves it because all we have to do is to just work from our favorite place. To get work there are some reasons why people love to work in an online world. Communities are there help you out in the different field. With help of online earning job you can save a lot of money. You can do whatever with that money you can build your own customize office or workplace in the home or else you work while travelling in different location.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms — Make Extra Income Easily

If you are a person who wants earn money using affiliate marketing then there are some known affiliate marketing platforms which are listed on our website. Affiliate marketing means earn money by getting commission on some products which has been advertise by you. To start the affiliate marketing you should take some lessons from YouTube and then check some experience marketers learn from them. Get in contact with some bloggers. Sign up with the affiliate program, create the affiliate content and start adding the links.

Learn the Art of Money Making with some Basic Skills

In today the rapidly changing environment having the basic skills plays a major role in your career like team management, digital marketing, SEO, blogging, data analytics, content management and sales. Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to start earning with the extra income. Do online survey filling, proofreading and transactions to get some extra money with the basic skills. With the help of data analytics you can work with travel, hospitality and health care industries but all it depends on requirements.

Build More than One Source of Income — Multiply Earnings

Depending on only one income will not allow you to make extra earning path. There are different ways of earning income like active income, portfolio income and passive income. Some of the highest paying income streams mentioned on the website to diversify to your income for the investment mutual funds, rental income like giving your home on rent, affiliate marketing, peer to peer lending, create a blog or else add people’s blog to advertise on your website.

Complete Guide to Drop Shipping — Make More Money

Dropshipping bringing new change in the world and it changing the way of selling the items which doesn’t required the any stock. Many people are planning to start their dropshipping business in India. Dropshipping is the kind of the simple supply chain management which involves some level of involvement to make this business grow. You can also refer some experience people to learn how they start their dropshipping journey. Dropshipping is the best option to start making money. Before starting anything you have to get some deep knowledge about it. It has some business models involved in it.

Plan your Financial Independence Wisely and Retire Early

We are now more aware the life as the world is changing rapidly and also showing us the ways to make more money in early age and retire early. Setting proper goal to achieve your financial income is much important. No matter how much you are earning if you are spending less in whatever you earning you can get the financial freedom step-by-step. You should habit of having saving and investing in some trusty money community or an organization. Every month track your spending list to check whether without any need.


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