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Pirated C Luo

In fact, Carlina Ferro is not a rich person. She is a student at Lisbon Industrial and Commercial University. She lives in Coimbra, northern Portugal. Because her grandmother lives in Akchit, she temporarily stays at her grandmother's home. Carina Ferro chose to work on Christmas Eve in order to reduce the burden on her family and earn tuition fees for herself.

Yulou Spring + Fanwai-Schoolbag Network book Bao. Com.

Si Jichang passed the imperial examination at the age of seventeen, and his aptitude was excellent. According to the regulations of Dachu, Juren also had the qualifications to be an official. Only Juren can only be a minor official, and his official career is worse than that of Jinshi. As the lintel of the Si family, he naturally hoped that the children of the Si family would pass it on in front of the palace, so he continued to study and prepare for the examination. Unfortunately, after getting married, I lost the diligence of my youth in the past two years.

Love at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatient

"Xiaozhi, now is not the time to kiss!" Even if Jiang Haicheng wanted to kiss her crazily, he still couldn't speak under the gaze of his elders at the moment. What's the matter? Jiang Xiaozhi pouted and looked discontented. Gardenia! Jiang Haicheng called her helplessly and glanced around. You go on, we didn't see it! Jiang Minghui quickly hugged Meng Zhirou and turned around. Ah Only then did Jiang Xiaozhi realize that it was not the right time for her second uncle to say that they were still there.

The male God has ignited

Distance, harsh words: "Do you know what you are doing?" Perhaps because of anger, Tu Yan's gloomy eyes were infected with anger. Of course I know. Chu Zheng pinched the palm of his hand. Phoenix essence blood is what to you, need not I tell you, this thing I won't want. "I'll give it to him if you get it out." Without hesitation, Chu Zheng pointed to yuan Ning in the corner, and his little face was serious: "I will do what I say." Tu Yan: "..." Although Tu Yan and Chu Zheng did not get along for a long time, he inexplicably felt that she could really do it. But this thing..

The cruel president loves his wife

That shows that he is not qualified to inherit the incense for him in his heart, if only so, he can also wrong his father, which makes Qi Xin too incredible. For more exciting free chapters, please visit. /WWW. S Xiao Shuo. Com the fastest novel search network/ Qi Xin sighed, can not help but feel a little worried about the way he will go in the future, how to go with Ling Shaotang in the future? "Knock, knock, knock!" There was a knock at the door. The rhythmic voice immediately pulled Qi Xin's thoughts back. wWw.tXt6.NEt "Please come in!" She opened her mouth.

Kyushu · Tiefutu

The wind rolled up his light body and threw it into the huge shadow cast by the rosefinch door. At the moment when he was about to approach the ground, the whole body of the wind cloud shook, as if it had smashed through a thin layer of something. Then it fell heavily on a soft cushion, and then flew up like a cloud and fog, and landed heavily on the ground. Wind cloud limbs spread out to lie there, a long time to raise his hand to touch the whole body, unexpectedly in addition to some abrasions, no more serious harm. He felt dizzy and looked up.

Guilt curse

"Goo ~ grunt ~" What's going on? Hungry again?! I touched my stomach unconsciously. 。 Study at night (does anyone not know who she is? Please take a look at my book "The Devil Who Kept His Head") before he invited me to the King Steak Dinner. Normally, as long as I eat the starter salad, my stomach is already 80% full. Maybe I have been lying in bed for too long these days, and I am very happy to eat that big meal. Especially when I saw the medium-rare steak that Xi Xue ordered for me, it was cut with a knife, and the blood was dripping.

Zhe Cao Ji (End)

Pao-chueh put out her hand and touched his lips. "Don't say anything," she said. "I understand what you're thinking. Duplicity has no effect on me. Now that I have decided to take you away, I will naturally give you an explanation, I am just worried that you will feel wronged, after all, I already have five husbands. And with your appearance, ability and wealth, if you marry another woman, it is absolutely no problem to get the main room position of three media and six hires. If I mean, if, "he looked hesitantly," if, if you don't care, you can only be a side room..

Qi Tian Lu _ Xiao Qian _ txt Novel Paradise

As a professional manager, Mia's quality is very high, even if the storage ring is very expensive, he will not take it away for no reason, the necessary procedures must be handled. Qin Xiaotian listens to Mia to say so, in the heart can not help giving birth to a trace of good feeling. He will not give this ring at will, if Mia dares to get rid of this ring, a crystal chain attached to his body will kill people-compared with Qin Xiaotian's strength, Mia is not even an ant, Mia's professional ethics saved him. Qin Xiaotian asked.

I'll be the heroine [wearing the book].

It can be said that the incident of Lu Zheng's bullying of his assistant on the set was just the match that lit the forest. What really burned Lu Zheng himself was the soul that others had set up. Lu Zheng's contract still has one year to expire. According to Lu Zheng's previous meaning, he does not intend to renew his contract. He intends to go out and open his own studio. It takes both energy and money to save him, and the company not only fails to reap any great benefits, but also makes him coquettish.

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