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Kyushu · Tiefutu

The wind rolled up his light body and threw it into the huge shadow cast by the rosefinch door. At the moment when he was about to approach the ground, the whole body of the wind cloud shook, as if it had smashed through a thin layer of something. Then it fell heavily on a soft cushion, and then flew up like a cloud and fog, and landed heavily on the ground. Wind cloud limbs spread out to lie there, a long time to raise his hand to touch the whole body, unexpectedly in addition to some abrasions, no more serious harm. He felt dizzy and looked up. In a hole in his head, the shadow of half of the rosefinch gate tower was still moving. It turned out that he was left in a carriage, outside which a small green horse was still walking, but the driver was nowhere to be seen. Wind cloud is strange, suddenly heard a low groan under the body, looked down, the buttocks really pressed a person, half into the hole in the floor of the carriage, the other half is still struggling under their own body. Wind cloud hurriedly rolled aside, stretched out his hand to pull the man up, he moved, with a boom, the car floor suddenly broke, unexpectedly leaked the small four, fell heavily on the ground. Feng Xingyun, with quick eyes and quick hands, pulled the reins of the horse, but the little green horse was obedient and immediately stood still, and the wheels of the carriage were only one line short of pressing on Xiao Si. He looked out and shouted, "Hey, uncle, are you all right? I didn't mean it." Xiao Si woke up with a groan. Had it not been for the light body of the feather man, the popular cloud would have smashed Xiao Si into a flat fish. At the moment, he groaned and got up. He twisted twice and found that the bone was not broken. Suddenly, he was so excited that he touched his body. He jumped up and shouted to the car: "What's wrong with you? You don't look at the road when you walk in broad daylight. What's the matter with falling from the sky?"? Give me the stone quickly, and I will forgive you not to die. "Although he roared fiercely, he thought to himself, is this a premeditated assassination? So he clattered back a few steps and drew his knife. The popular cloud knew he was in the wrong and whispered, "Uncle.." Small four found that fell into the car is only a teenager, although a bit familiar, also do not want to see where. Once he was sure that he was not an assassin, his courage doubled. He pulled out the pearl sword on his waist with a brush (although the Iron Master was assassinated, his men still went to the inn to get the sword and returned it to Xiao Si). He strode toward the car, exhaling the air of a tyrant all over his body. He said majestically, "Don't call me uncle. I'm a handsome general.." The popular cloud never figured out what position Xiao Si was in the end-it was too late to say, then quickly, smoke and dust billowed in the street behind, and a white shadow rushed over like crazy, knocking General Xiao Si out. Feng Xingyun was taken aback, and when he fixed his eyes on it, it turned out to be a crazy white camel with a man on its back, but it ran too fast and disappeared in a flash. Feng Xingyun leaned out of the window and was still considering whether to get out of the car to help the uncle who was lying on the ground. Suddenly, he heard the sorcerer of Yinchi above the gate tower shouting: "Xiao Si, help me catch him." Shout toward him again: "Little thief, your life is good, have the seed not to run." Popular cloud thinks, so these two people know each other, temperature scanning kiosks , the fool just waits here. "I'm sorry, uncle," he said to Xiao Si, who was rolling on the ground, as the horse ran away. Let me borrow your carriage. "I'm not an uncle," Xiao Si crawled on the ground and struggled. "Call me General.." The popular cloud also did not know the way, drove the carriage to run casually, that vehicle shape is exquisite, but the roof is ragged, looked very eye-catching. Pedestrians on the road looked back at him. The popular cloud did not dare to sit again, jumped out of the car and wanted to run away, but saw a leather bag on the seat, which contained something shining. He picked up the leather bag, touched the shining stone carefully with his finger, frowned and thought, "What is this?"? What's the use? C of seven Tiekunnu's short iron bar is like the kiss of death, touching everything into powder, although the head of the stick is blunt, but there is no difference like a sharp spear, thrust with the hand, will deeply penetrate the chain armor of those government soldiers, straight into the chest, protruding from the back. Tiekunnu picked them up like a skewer of grilled fish and threw them across.
Long Buer is also not to be underestimated, just like the maggots attached to the bone, clinging to his back, picking his awkward time, iron Kun slave also can't get rid of, but also to deal with the cold arrow of the archer of the government soldiers, a long time, gradually laborious. Suddenly, several arrows were shot from the porch, and Tiekun Nu gave a cry, and an arrow was penetrating his forearm. Still don't surrender? Long Zhu Zun shouted, an axe straight up and down, flying sand and stones in the wind, really with the sound of dragon singing and tiger roaring. Suddenly there was another earth-shaking sound, which surpassed all the noise just now. Half of the wall in the backyard of Tianxiang Pavilion collapsed, and a body like a hill stood up from the dust. It turned out that the tiger head finally pushed down the flower wall, broke away from the damned door, jumped into the yard, and when he saw the man in iron armor, he grabbed it and threw it around. The men were thrown up, some flew to tall buildings, clinging to the pillars and not daring to let go, and some fell through the roof into the house, where they heard a woman's screams. Long Zhuzun blinked his eyes. The tall Kuafu, who was tired of fire and rarely seen in the city, had already stood in front of him. He shook off the dust on his body and said to him, "Do you want to compare your axe with mine?" The head of the tiger pulled out a huge axe as big as a millstone from the belt behind it. He waved his arm and cut the ground with an axe. The mud mixed with broken flowers and blood covered a large black earth. The earth surged like waves and rushed towards Long Buer, almost throwing him to the ground. The heart and gallbladder of Longzhu Zun are both cracked. As we said earlier, Long Buer can be called the number one person in the fire-weary city of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, because he is quick to see the opportunity, and his intelligence is not inferior to his bravery. At the sight of the momentum of the tiger's head, Long Buer immediately made a decision. The wind is tight, pull and shout. He shouted, and without waiting for the others to react, he had already dragged his axe and ran out of the front door of Tianxiang Pavilion, only to suddenly find that a man beside him was running faster than him. It turned out to be Tea Key Childe. Pity his half a hundred chosen men, but they were so killed in front of the wooden puppets of Laohe Luo that they lost their helmets and armor and were routed, so they had to run away.