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The cruel president loves his wife

That shows that he is not qualified to inherit the incense for him in his heart, if only so, he can also wrong his father, which makes Qi Xin too incredible. For more exciting free chapters, please visit. /WWW. S Xiao Shuo. Com the fastest novel search network/ Qi Xin sighed, can not help but feel a little worried about the way he will go in the future, how to go with Ling Shaotang in the future? "Knock, knock, knock!" There was a knock at the door. The rhythmic voice immediately pulled Qi Xin's thoughts back. wWw.tXt6.NEt "Please come in!" She opened her mouth. Kelly, the president's secretary, came in with a professional smile and thick materials in his hands. Miss Qi, all the information you want to see is here! "Well,Calacatta Nano Glass, thank you!" Qi Xin returned her a gentle smiling face and quickly took the document in her hand. No thanks, I'll go out to work if I have nothing to do. Kelly said with a smile. Qi Xin nodded her head. When Kelly just turned around, Qi Xin stopped her as if she suddenly thought of something. /WWW. S xiaoshuo. Com the fastest novel search network/more exciting free chapters please visit. Kelly——” "What's the matter?" Kelly looked back at Qi Xin with some surprise. Qi Xin's cherry lips flapped a few times, but still did not say. Then she laughed at herself and said to Kelly: "Oh, it's all right!" Kelly smiled: "Well,Grey Marble Slab, I'm out, and you can call me whenever you have something to do!" Qi Xin nodded her head. After Kelly went out, Qi Xin leaned on her chair and felt a little sarcastic about what she had just done. What's wrong with me? I want to know Ling Shaotang's schedule in Europe through Kelly. I want to know the exact time when he will come back. Crazy! Qi Xin, you are really crazy! Do you still want to fall in love with this man? The man who hurt you so much and then treated you as if nothing had happened? Qi Xin smiled bitterly in the heart, impossible, oneself can not be so silly again. Then she turned her eyes to the thick materials. This is what she will do in the next half month. Ling's Chaebol has invested in all industrial chain projects in the past five years. She quickly sorted out the messy thoughts in her mind and could not think any more. It was better to devote all her thoughts to her work. Time passed by minute by minute, and it was almost dusk before I knew it. When Qi Xin stretched tiredly, she found that it was already this time. It is not easy to understand all of Ling's big projects in the past five years, and it also involves all of its industries. If only the simple project operation is still simple, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Agate Slabs Countertops, some are joint projects, so that the time line involved is also very long, the industrial cooperation involved can be imagined, it becomes more complex. Sometimes Qi Xin really doubts Ling Shaotang's energy. At the age of 28, he took over the Ling's Chaebol. He was the youngest decision-maker in the international shareholders' meeting of the Ling's Chaebol. In only two years, all shareholders followed his lead. This shows his outstanding business ability and skill. Just having her face these complicated projects is enough of a headache for me, and it's really hard to imagine what it would be like if she were to run a company and an international listed group. Qi Xin breathed a sigh of relief and casually turned over this year's project operation process and future project planning. Suddenly, a familiar name flashed through the corner of Qi Xin's eye. She flashed a surprised eye, and immediately leaned forward and turned the page back again. A land construction plan was displayed in front of Qi Xin's eyes. Beautiful eyes tightly locked the plan, she browsed page by page, but was surprised to find that the land Ling wanted to bid for was what Qi wanted. Otherwise, I just saw that the name of this land looks so familiar. Qi Xin still remembered that his father had said that as long as he succeeded in betting on this piece of land, Qi would turn over immediately.
To her disbelief, it turned out that Ling was also interested in participating in the bidding and had investigated all the bidding enterprises in detail, among which Qi's Group was one of the enterprises under investigation! She gasped. What to do? Big Literature Novel Reading Network Chapter 6: Competition Section 12 Stealing Tenders 2 ( (Big Literature my father sold the whole island just for this bid. If he lost, Qi would never recover. ~ ~ Overspeed First ~ ~/ the fastest novel search network/Mobile landing: more exciting free chapters please visit. Qi Xin heart constantly beat drums and contradictions, if help Qi Shi means to betray Ling Shi, but if let her do nothing, how can she rest assured? Finally, she made an important decision: She shook her hands and locked her eyes on a key number, that is, Ling's bottom price! Qi Xin suddenly closed the tender, gasping for breath, and his eyes turned to his mobile phone. She knew that once she picked up the phone, it meant that she had stolen Ling's tender and told Qi the bottom price. However, there is not enough time for her to choose, because the day of bid opening is tomorrow, Qi can not afford to lose, she can not afford to lose. For Ling Shi,white marble slabs, she can only say sorry! So Qi Xin trembled and picked up her cell phone! Ten thousand feet high, a luxurious private plane swept across the clear sky, looking down on everything in the world like a fierce eagle. Please remember the website "Romance Novel Network" |.