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What Is Swiss Water Decaf & Why It's So Healthy

Did you know high levels of caffeine intake can be the underlying reason behind untimely death?
Although caffeine consumption is considered safe, habit forming is the real issue. Those who are struggling with the sideeffects of excessive intakes of coffee, i.e. anxiety, restlessness or acid reflux should try decaf.
Decaf has become a buzzword among millennials. If you know someone who addresses their drink as “Swiss Water decaf coffeeand you have no idea what on earth it is? Then, keep on reading. You will find out why Swiss water processed decaf coffee brands are getting bigger day by day.
What is Swiss Water decaf?
Decaf coffee is produced by extracting caffeine from coffee beans. Getting decaf coffee with the SwissWater process is one of the many ways to decaffeinate coffee beans.
Swiss Water Process is a patent term that refers to the procedure of washing coffee beans to remove the caffeine content. It is a chemical free process and can extract 99.99% caffeine content from the coffee beans. It involves four basic steps to decaffeinate coffee beans through the Swiss Water process:

  1. A meticulous combination of heat, time and pure water is used to separate the caffeine content.
  2. The next stage involves a charcoal filter that traps all the caffeine molecules.
  3. Then the coffee beans are soaked in the residual water to maintain the flavour and aroma intact.
  4. In the final stage, the soaked coffee beans are dried and then used to make a drink.

Benefits of Swiss processed decaf coffee
It is important to understand the difference betweenSwiss processed decaf and chemical processed decaf. Your ultimate choice should be the Swiss process which is 100% chemical free.
In this chemical free decaf process, the nutritional content of the coffee beans remains almost identical to regular coffee. Secondly, the Swiss process can get you the best cup of coffee rich in antioxidants featuring rich flavour.
Regularly drinking Swiss Water Process decaf is linked with reduced risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and liver toxicity. It is a chemical-free process of getting rid of free radicals and you can also improve your heart health without getting heartburn or acid refluxes that are common in regular coffee drinks.
Being a chemical free process, Swiss Water decaf is a safe choice to be consumed in certain medical conditions when caffeine is restricted.
Moreover, when you pick a Swiss processed decaf coffee brand you are contributing to conserving the environment. Since it is a chemical free process, you can be proud of your cup of coffee.
Swiss water decaf is a healthier and greener version of your everyday drink. It is getting immensely popular for its unending list of health benefits. You can also get a subscription forSwiss Water processed decaf coffee from Blue Spruce. They deliver happiness and 30 days money back assurance with their bags of organic coffee beans.