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What Makes Our Drug Rehabilitation Centre the Best in India?

Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India
We are Mehar Foundation, the caring and trustworthy partner helping you conquer addiction and lead your life to the victory finish line. India’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre assists people with drug abuse recovery process filled with love once more as victims of their substance-dependent lifestyle leave behind their old addictions and look ahead to a brighter future.
Explore the quality of care upturned by our Drug Rehabilitation Centre, the absolutist leaders of the postmodern era in India. Treatment provided in our center is modern updated with empathy care so an individual can retrieve in mind and body from the addiction process. Through a skilled group of trained personnel committed to individual care, evidence-based techniques, and a warm and compassionate environment, patients learn to regain control of their lives from addiction as they are guided to a lasting sobriety. Come see the change with our well-rounded programs that meet all the requirements of every person to help them feel they are the ones to go to for the purpose of accomplishing the most effective recovery.
A Unique Approach to Drug Rehabilitation
At Mehar Foundation, we do realize that some people's paths to getting better are different, one from another. We try to provide a different focus of the treatment for each client and to address very carefully their specific situation. By integrating empirically effective methods, individualized treatment regimens and well-being activities, we develop a healing center, where recovery and personal betterment is encouraged.
Our Services:
Residential Treatment: Our residential addiction treatment program provides people who have been making connection and building relationship during the process of recovery with a secure and stable place for their stay that is far away from triggers and distractions.
Detoxification: We offer medically-supervised detox procedure to equip patients with effective strategies for handling withdrawal symptoms and smoothen their transition into treatment.
Therapeutic Interventions: The knowledgeable staff members on our team use different therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to name a few, — in order to pinpoint the root problems causing addiction.
Holistic Wellness: As well as traditional therapies, our holistic recovery program offers yoga, meditation, art therapy, and recreational outings to focus on the overall well being of the patient which is ensured through his or her physical, mental and spiritual health.
Aftercare Support: Our success is not only related to the services we offer but also to the support that continues once you leave our location and return to your society. Of course, we care that you succeed in your battle against addiction even after leaving our rehabilitation centre. Therefore we pay special attention to aftercare planning and ongoing support services for all our clients to strive towards sobriety and to overcome the challenges of post-rehab life.
Why Choose Mehar Foundation?
Compassionate Care: Our team wants to make the place a haven for everybody who comes to us, offering them caring staff and non-judgmental treatment.
Experienced Staff: Having long taught in the field of the addiction treatment, our multifaceted team is engaged in allowing clients to become sustainable in recovery for the whole life.
Holistic Approach: We make it a point that the human person is taken as a whole: both psychologically, physically, and spiritually in order to change the root cause of the addiction and make possible for him/her to reach a well-being.
Safe Environment: Our highest concerns are to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable here. We provide the latest care gadget throughout 24 hours experienced staff so that your safety and comfort ability are always primary concerns.
Take the First Step Towards Recovery: If the issue is yours or someone's in the family with addiction problems, you don't have to postpone help now. Our drug rehabilitation programs can help you get back on track, and start a healthier, happier life, so reach us out today to learn more.
Call Us: +919914193134 Email Us: Location: Panchkula is a city in Haryana, located in India.
Mehar Foundation is an organization which is on a mission to help everyone in the destruction caused by substance abuse and lead a normal life. Get in contact with us nowadays, if you want to find out more about our drug treatment programs, and grow towards your recovery.