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Unveiling the Power and Versatility of the New Holland 3630 TX Plus Tractor

In the realm of agricultural machinery, the New Holland 3630 TX Plus stands tall as a testament to innovation and reliability. With its robust engineering and versatile capabilities, this tractor has become an indispensable asset to farmers around the globe.

Engine and Transmission:

At the heart of the New Holland 3630 TX Plus lies a formidable 55 HP engine, boasting a capacity of 2991 CC and operating at a rated RPM of 1500. This powerhouse is equipped with 3 cylinders and oil-immersed brakes for enhanced control and efficiency. The transmission system offers flexibility with options for fully constant mesh or partial synchro mesh, along with 8 to 12 forward gears and 2 to 3 reverse gears. With speeds ranging from 0.94 to 31.60 kmph forward and 1.34 to 14.86 kmph in reverse, this tractor ensures swift and precise maneuverability across varying terrains.

Hydraulics and Electricals:

The hydraulic system of the New Holland 3630 TX Plus boasts a lifting capacity of up to 1700-2000 kg, facilitated by a Category I & II, automatic depth, and draft control 3-point linkage. Additionally, its electrical setup features a 12 V 88 Ah battery capacity and a 12 V 23A alternator, ensuring consistent power delivery for prolonged operation.

Steering and Clutch:

Steering is made effortless with the inclusion of power steering, providing operators with enhanced control and comfort during extended working hours. The clutch system utilizes a double clutch with an independent clutch lever, enabling smooth engagement and disengagement of gears for seamless operation.

Dimensions and Weight:

Weighing in at 2060 kg, the New Holland 3630 TX Plus strikes a balance between durability and agility. With a ground clearance of 445 mm and a wheelbase of 2045 mm, this tractor offers stability and maneuverability, even in challenging conditions. The turning radius, aided by brake assistance, is an impressive 3190 mm, allowing for precise navigation in confined spaces.

Versatility in Implement Compatibility:

The New Holland 3630 TX Plus is designed to accommodate a wide array of implements, making it a versatile companion for various agricultural tasks. With its robust build and ample power, it can seamlessly handle implements such as:

1. Ploughs
2. Seed drills
3. Cultivators
4. Harrows
5. Rotavators
6. Sprayers
7. Trailers
8. Trolleys
9. Loaders
10. Mowers

From primary tillage to post-harvest activities, the New Holland 3630 TX Plus proves to be a reliable workhorse, capable of meeting the diverse needs of modern farming practices. Its adaptability and efficiency make it an invaluable asset for farmers seeking to maximize productivity and yield.

In conclusion, the New Holland 3630 TX Plus embodies the pinnacle of agricultural machinery, combining power, versatility, and reliability to redefine farming efficiency. With its robust design and comprehensive features, it continues to set the standard for excellence in the field, empowering farmers to cultivate success with every harvest.