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Survival of terror

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Bi Quankun didn't mind either. He continued: "They are a challenging team like us, and they are not in the same level as us." If they are a team, how come they don't seem to have met on the first floor? And what does rank mean? Qiaoyuan asked. They are so strong that they may go up in some way the moment they come down the stairs. Bi Quankun said. How is that possible! We didn't see anyone go up there! Yao Xiangming immediately questioned. "For them, invisibility is possible," Bi said with a sigh. Qiaoyuan four people are all silent, they are a group of ordinary people, now encountered a group of enemies who can use invisibility. What kind of international joke is this, fighting with fantasy things that only exist in novels, and this can still be played? Bi Quankun looked at their pale looks and continued to explain, "They are a group of life species that are more advanced than us.". In fact, there are many civilizations in the universe, and different civilizations are divided into different levels. The civilization that produced this horror survival challenge is the highest level. And you.. Even other civilizations do not know, is the lowest level of six. Qiaoyuan four people simply feel that their world view has been refreshed. Although their three views have been refreshed once when they enter this challenge, they still feel somewhat collapsed when they know that there are so many magical things outside the universe, and they are still the lowest level of garbage. What about you? He asked. We are a little more advanced than you, but only a little, and our civilization has only reached the point of preliminary exploration of the universe. It's better than a civilization like yours that hasn't even left its own galaxy. Bi Quankun answered. That higher civilization can even.. Use magic? I thought magic was just something in fiction.. But why are the weapons of advanced civilization the same as the content of novels in our world? There are many bad points. Yao Xiangming simply couldn't figure it out. It can only be said that everyone is a human race, and sometimes the imagination is almost the same. But what they use is not magic, you can understand it as a power of rules. Ah, it takes too long to explain! You can't understand it with your level of knowledge! Why don't I say it briefly? The more Bi Quankun said, the more confused he became, and finally he rubbed his head and apparently did not want to continue talking. Qiaoyuan several people are also a psychedelic face, completely unable to understand things beyond common sense. First of all, the staff they hold in their hands is a precise tool to release power. As for the shape of the staff, it is purely for use. This tool can be made into various shapes. Secondly, they can unlock some of your incredible abilities, but these abilities come at a cost and are not something that can be used casually or endlessly. It can be compared to the guns and bullets in our hands, and the bullets are limited. So they can be completely defeated, as long as we can cooperate well. But we don't need to fight them in this level. We just need to kill a sacrifice from another team. After hearing this, drum spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, Qiaoyuan asked, "Are you sure they won't attack us?" "They will do it, but not now," Bi said. This group of people are so proud that in their eyes, the other teams are a group of low-level civilized garbage, and they are too lazy to do it themselves. They will be more willing to watch us kill each other, after all, their power is conditional and will not be wasted. "You mean we just have to treat them as spectators on this floor and concentrate on the others?" "That's what I mean." Qiao yuan narrowed his eyes and continued to ask him: "Then … …" Why do you have to want to team up with us? Also want to deal with them later. Bi Quankun smiled and admitted, "That's true. It's impossible to defeat them with only four people.". If we want to go out, we have to find a reliable partner. "Then I'm curious." Qiaoyuan stared at him coldly. "Did you predict the team of this checkpoint in advance, so that you started planning a long time ago?" The author has something to say: Qiaoyuan: Author, you come out to explain, how did a good article begin to be mysterious?? Author: It's okay. It's okay. Just these four people are a little mysterious.
Chapter 214 "Oh, just some props.". In order to survive, of course, all means must be used. Bi Quankun laughed. Qiaoyuan looked at him coldly and said, "I'm sorry, it's impossible for us to trust you completely." "I understand." Bi Quankun seemed to be considerate. "If you believed me like this, you would have died long before." "So what do you want us to do?" "For the time being, we will not face the team of that advanced civilization. It is estimated that there will be a conflict on the fifth or sixth floor, so we are not in a hurry to cooperate.". As for the world, collect the animals honestly, then choose the weakest team and kill the sacrifices. Bi Quankun said. Kill A team? Qiaoyuan repeated this sentence softly, looking a little stiff. The three men behind him seemed equally unhappy and silent. Bi Quankun looked at the strange reaction of several people, and a strange idea flashed through his mind. "Hey, what's your reaction?" He asked jokingly? Don't tell me you haven't killed anyone voluntarily. The four people on the opposite side continued to be silent, and the expression on their faces gave the answer. Come on.. Really didn't kill him? Then how did you live to this day? Bi Quankun looked at Qiaoyuan with alien eyes. It was the first time he had seen a challenger who did not take the initiative to kill people. In this difficult game of survival, no one would have the attribute of compassion. After all, if you pity others, others would not pity you. Those who still have hope for human nature basically die quickly. When Qiaoyuan saw Bi Quankun's face looking like a strange species, he immediately felt a little uncomfortable. It's just not taking the initiative to kill, not not fighting back. In fact, not taking the initiative to kill is related to their profession,ibc spill pallet, after all, when the police, active killing in their subconscious is also a criminal act.