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As a sign of solidarity Activision Blizzard employees,

In the wake of the lawsuit Activision Blizzard executives--from president J. Allen Brack (more on WOTLK Gold the lawsuit in the future) to an ex- World of Warcraft designer and others -- addressed the allegations and apologized for their company's original declaration, their role in workplace behavior, or both.

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Many thousands of Activision Blizzard employees signed an open letter of disapproval of the way the company responds in response to the suit. To take the criticism further, employees staged an unprecedented walkout on July 28 to protest what they described as an "abhorrent and rude" reaction from their publisher.

As a sign of solidarity Activision Blizzard employees, Blizzard employees wrote a letter to their publisher condemning"fratboy" and "frat boy" culture at Activision Blizzard and Blizzard's negligence to take significant steps to address the allegations of its own. In response to the criticism,, the CEO Bobby Kotick issued an internal letter describing the company's initial response to buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the sexual misconduct allegations "tone deaf" and said that promised changes were expected to come.