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For scoring FIFA 23 we'll employ an easy 1-5 rating

For the full list of the new features, we'll look up the EA FIFA 23 site. For scoring FIFA 23 we'll employ an easy 1-5 rating with 5 being a "great feature" as well as 1 representing "why did EA even bother adding this FUT 23 Coins?" If you want to read my complete review of FIFA 23, you can also head here.

Today's first topic is the highly anticipated all-new Power Shot. The new shot type is based heavily on technique, incorporating risks and rewards that let you unleash powerful shots on your opponent's goal.How to make power shots: LB/L1 and R1/RB/R1 + Shoot with a manual aiming

When to use Power Shots Because of the animation taking a considerable amount of time to unfold it is recommended that power shots only be employed when you have enough time and space to execute the command. Most commonly, any power shot made near the 18-yard mark can be blocked if its path isn't clear because the trajectory generally is more flat when compared to the finesse shots.

Kudos thanks to EA for providing us with the ability to shoot with a new command with a special feature of manual aiming. It's also good that you can turn off the irritating zoom-in, which is activated when the power shot is activated. Overall, it's an excellent addition to shooting.

Set pieces have long been outdated in FIFA through the years. Although free kicks remain far too few for me to appreciate however, when you do find one, they're far more dynamic. In addition penalties have been streamlined to improve buy FIFA 23 Coins. Also, corners haven't only copied the same mechanics as set pieces, they also have a more appealing camera view.