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Recycle your old sex dolls

Submitted by dollsger on Thu, 02/01/2024 - 22:49

If you find it a hassle to find the right people to donate your old sex dolls, but you want to do the best for the environment, you should look for recycling options. To do this, you can contact a number of organizations that recycle Sex puppe. In this case, they can dispose of the doll for free (or even give you some money if you're lucky), or you can find a way to dispose of/recycle it legally by having it disposed of by a waste disposal company. If you intend to recycle the sex doll, indicate what material the sex doll is made of (metal, silicone, TPE or both). To avoid an embarrassing situation, refer to her as a mannequin rather than a motionless sex queen.
Throw your old sex dolls in the trash
If you think that finding recycling options is too much of a hassle, you can choose the most logical option, which is throwing your old Beste Sexpuppen in the trash. But I have to tell you something important: If you accidentally throw these TPE or silicone sex dolls in the trash, it may result in a fine. Sex dolls aren't very good for the environment, and if you're stupid enough to throw them in the trash, someone might bring them back and complain or fine you. Then you'll have a smelly doll on your hands that you don't want, and it could also end up on the local news, which is really embarrassing. The best way to do this is to cut the doll into very small pieces with a chainsaw and put them in several plastic bags. Don't leave entire forearms or calves because if the bag tears open, that could be pretty damn scary. So make sure you cut everything into small pieces, including your fingers.

What shouldn't you do when disposing of old sex dolls?
When someone asks how to safely dispose of their old Lebensgroße Sexpuppen, there are two things they should definitely not do:

1. Don't try to melt your old sex dolls with acid
The advice to never attempt to dissolve old Große Sexpuppen with acid has a number of flaws. First, it is not clear what type of acid you should use to safely and completely dissolve the TPE or silicone material. Second, the acid itself is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury if used at home without proper equipment or professional supervision. Finally, acid, when mixed with certain chemicals such as silicone, can release toxic fumes that can cause discomfort if inhaled and even nosebleeds and severe nausea that can last for days.

2. Don't bury sex dolls
Do not engage in this behavior, it is not a wise decision. However, some people mistakenly believe that this is possible. Burying sex dolls can cause a number of problems, and if you are caught doing so, you will be extremely embarrassed and misunderstandings may arise. Also, if someone accidentally finds out about Sexpuppen mit mittlere Brüste, it would be an extremely frightening scenario that could lead to a heart attack.