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Features Of Closed-Eyed Sex Dolls

The closed-eyed variant that is the custom sex doll means that eyes are closed and they're always closed and are not opened. There are fewer head designs with eyes closed, but they're much more distinctive. There's a reason why you are closing her eyes to admire her gorgeous big eyes. It could be because she is loving your kiss, your touch and your caress, or perhaps the thrill of soaking up orgasm. This proves that you're very gentle with her and can please her. Your tenacity made her feel happy.

In the lives of a husband and wife many women would prefer to switch out the lighting and talk to you by closing your eyes, instead open them. Perhaps you have were able to open your eyes in first, however as you feel a sense of pleasure slowly emerge through and you begin to feel a sense of satisfaction, you'll close your eyes without thinking and become absorbed in the experience. Even if the environment isn't ideal the woman will close her eyes and visualize the most beautiful scene. it's not easy for women to shut their eyes to sleep.

Maintenance tips for closed-eyed japanese sex doll

Cleaning methods for normal models: for non-intelligent, ordinary cheap sex dolls the temperature of bathing must be kept below 40 ° Celsius. Clean shower gel, water soap, washing powder, soap and detergents can all be washed. To remove stubborn stains, apply cleaning oil or request the manufacturer to provide white oil to clean.

Cleaning tips Be sure to not let water get into the neck joint as it can easily cause water rust that could affect the operation and appearance. The vagina and the anus can be cleaned repeatedly using the cleaning agent that comes with the manufacturer. It is not advised for vagina to be cleaned using the tap. There is a ball that is waterproof inside the vagina that is attached to the screw by glue. The excessive washing could cause it to break off. If it does fall off by accident you can dry it off and put it back.

Care for your Love Doll: Closed-eyed sexually active flat chest sex doll bathe each 10-20 days, on average. Apply talcum powder following bathing to avoid oil cracking. The pressure of one area for a prolonged period of time may cause an indentation. press the other side upwards and it should heal on its own after a couple of days.

The Doll images from Store is all genuine photos. Sex dolls with eyes open and closed look stunning depending on your preference. If you purchase more than one doll It is advised to pick at least one that has closed eyes. The experience is different.