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"I wanted to show the difference between the 1st and 2nd level"

"It's so nice to have a happy ending."

Lee Kwang-hyuk (28, Suwon FC) is finally smiling after the Castle Park miracle.

Suwon FC defeated Busan I-Park 5-2 in the second leg of the Hana WonQ K League 2023 Promotion Playoffs (PO) at Suwon Sports Complex at 2 p.m. on Sept. 9.

Suwon FC became the final winner. Suwon FC bounced back from a 1-2 deficit in the first leg. They went down to Choi Jun in the first 15 minutes, but after back-to-back goals from Kim Hyun and Lee Young-jae in the second half to level the score at 3-3, they scored three goals in extra time to take down Busan.

Busan, on the other hand, missed out on a victory that was within their grasp once again, and their return to the top flight after four years was thwarted. It was a moment of overlap in the K League Two final. Busan failed to win the title in the final game of the league as well, conceding a late equalizer in extra time. And even in the last chance at the promotion PO, they slipped due to lack of hindsight.

Second-half substitute Lee Kwang-hyuk made a huge impact, 카지노사이트넷 rattling the Busan flank with his threatening dribbles as soon as he entered the pitch and giving Suwon FC's attack a boost.

He was also the solution. In the fifth minute of the first half of extra time, Lee picked up the ball on the right side of the field and drove directly into the box before finishing with a fantastic left-footed curling kick. It was the first time Suwon FC had ever taken the lead in a promotion PO match.

After the game, Lee Kwang-hyuk was interviewed in the Mix Zone and said, "It was my first time playing soccer and fighting in the relegation zone like this. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't under pressure. In a way, it was the most important game in my soccer career. I'm so happy that it ended with a happy ending," he smiled.

The following is a one-on-one interview with Lee Kwang-hyuk.

- What were the players talking about at the start of the second half?

I was on the bench, and I thought it could be very difficult for us after conceding the first goal. In our pre-match meeting, we watched videos of past matches and Kangwon's POs. We watched videos of Kangwon conceding a goal and then coming back. I thought we could do the same. (Jung) Jae-yong, who came to the bench for the first time in a long time, said, 'The guys on the bench can do it. Let's go in and turn it around,' and it happened. I think he had more to do with it than me. Even though we scored two goals, I think it was a good result because we said to stay positive.

- I was impressed with the confident breakthrough from the flanks.

Busan played a lot of one-on-one defense in the first leg. I thought we had to challenge them when we had a one-on-one situation on the flank, and when (Lee) Yong-yong and I had a two-on-two situation, we had to pass it up to (Kim) Hyun and Lopez a lot. One-on-one, I thought we were good enough to dominate them, and it worked out well.

- We scored five goals, but it wasn't a lucky game. I hit the post twice and had a goal disallowed for offside.

On the pitch, it was a hectic game. Personally, I thought, "This is a really bad game," but I don't really know soccer. I didn't expect to play like this. I thought it could go into overtime, but I didn't expect so many goals. I didn't expect five goals after hitting the post twice. I guess the more you know, the harder it is to play soccer.

- When did you know you were going to win?

Lopez's goal. When we conceded the goal before that, it was really hard mentally. We've conceded a lot of goals this season, a lot of late goals. I thought we had seven or eight minutes of extra time left and then we conceded, and it was a nightmare. I thought it was a really tough game. Luckily, Lopez's goal went in and I thought it could have a happy ending.

- Much has been made of Lee Seung-woo's sending-off in the second game. Was there any pressure?

Actually, Seung-woo was struggling a lot after the first game. He told me to do it, that I could do it, and I think I was able to do it because he said that. When we play together, I rely on Garam (Yoon) a lot because he's so good as an older brother, Seung-woo, and a technician. With Seung-woo, I can give the ball easily and receive the ball easily. We prepared as a team, even the players who were missing at the end. I hope Seung-woo didn't let go of his burden because we won. It must have been really hard, but I hope he enjoyed it a lot. Seung-woo is the reason I'm here. Thank you so much for dragging me this far. (Today's dinner will be bought by Seung-woo) He has a lot of money, so he should buy it (laughs).

- If I could say one thing to Seung-woo, it's a happy ending.

Keep your temper in check (laughs). I had a nervous breakdown in the first game. I was winning 1-0, and I got a little nervous to stall for time. That's all you need to do. Don't hold on too much (laughs).

- On the goal, the left-footed curling shot was really accurate. I knew it was a goal the moment I shot it.

My first touch was shorter than I thought, so my first step was a little twisted. So I took one shot and I could see the defense behind me. I thought it would be hard for another defender to come out, so I thought I could take it slow, and it was my favorite spot, so I shot. But I couldn't see the goalie, only the net. I realized that the goalie hadn't moved, so I realized, 'Oh, it went in.

- After the game, coach Kim Do-gyun and captain Lee Young-jae were in tears.

I didn't cringe. I actually thought about what kind of ceremony to do before the game, so I deliberately did a ceremony that emphasized that we were the first team and that we were on top. I wanted to show that there is still a level difference between the second and first division. I prepared it even before the first game, but after Choi Joon scored the first goal, he did the ceremony in front of our fans, 온라인카지노 so I saw that and said, "You are the second division and we are the first division, so let's finish this way." I also wanted to show that we are together. Also, it was in front of the away seats, so I think it was also a provocation.

- What are your goals for next season?

First of all, goals and attacking points. I was a little disappointed with that this year. We faltered when we were playing well. My biggest goal is to reduce the ups and downs. You have to be consistently good to be one of the best players in the league. I will prepare well to be that player. I had a lot of injuries this year, so I learned a lot about how to take care of my body. I think I'll be much better next year.