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Since I last earnestly played in an NBA 2K game

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In college, one of my favorite escapes between and after class was playing the NBA 2K franchise and, specifically the career mode. I invested hours in each version of the game for a number of years, whether it was as a guard on the Heat or Lakers or elsewhere in the league.

As the years have gone by, my time playing 2K has diminished significantly and I've found myself playing other games but largely because of the repetitive character of the 2K franchise. In actuality, it's been around a half-dozen months since I last earnestly played in an NBA 2K game.

The return to the current edition of 2K23 it brought pleasant surprises and some frustrating discovery as well. Some changes were made to enhance the game -just like MyTEAMand also some elements that appear to miss the point.Coming again to the most recent edition of 2K23, then brought pleasant surprises and some frustrating finds as well. There were some changes made to enhance the game -the same as MyTEAMas well as some aspects which seem to miss the point.

What I first did after I got the game started was immediately head to the career mode to begin creating my character. Some aspects of the process have changed for the better including limiting the possibility of skill points, and the evaluation of the type players you've created.

As contrary to the previous experience I took part in, now you have the option to select the team you go to.To force Anthony Davis to play center I made an athlete who could dunk everything, grab boards and defend from the rim Cheap 2K23 MT. This player then was a part of the Lakers.