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authors. The unconventional program uses the Harry Potter books as an instance. I used the British program to jot down a novelette of 17,000 words to demonstrate how the program works. That you would Provia Max be able to read the novelette at my website. My demonstration novelette is a detective western set within the late 1890s. By way of definition, a novel has over 50,000 phrases and most style novels have over one hundred fifty,000 phrases. A old romance can have 400,000 phrases or extra. Some writers like to make use of a suite quantity of chapters, probably 20, and that's how they start out. The application I verified has 12 chapters however the number of chapters can simply be increased by using repeating a suite of two chapters again and again as I exhibit later listed here. At the of a novel, many writers alternate chapters, one for the hero (protagonist) then one for the villain .