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How do you think WOW Classic compares to FFXIV

He's right. WoW came out Nov23 2004, patch 1.8 (emerald dragons) came out 10 october 2005, that will be 11 months since launch. Patch 1.7 (ZG) came out a month earlier which could be 10 months since launch. We have both ZG and dragons April 15th 2020, that will be 7.5 months since launching of wow classic gold (August 26th 2020) So that I don't understand what I'm supposed to be searching if what I look up tells me he's right and you are mistaken. I anticipate AQ War Effort to begin in late June or early July and Naxx potentially with or right after Blizzcon in November. I doubt they are going to wait for 6 weeks between Naxx and AQ like on retail vanilla.

Should you check the dates, then you will see that WOW Classic is, except bg releases always on a 2 week slower rate with EU release. The time between the patches is. It's a flaw in your justification to use NA launch as the starting point for two reasons: Maraudon was already in at WOW Classic launch, following NA release initially Maraudon did not launch until a month, so it doesn't match.

From the original release, the first raid bosses fell 3 weeks before EU launch, i.e. 2 months following NA release. In the time the raids in the first WoW set foot into MC, in WOW Classic casuals were pugging it. The content drought would be drive many individuals away. When Ragnaros fell in WOW Classic no one was close to 60 in the first WoW (I beleive world first 60 took 2-3 months ). Does this make any sense to delay ALL content releases by 3 weeks due to utilizing NA launch when this is the state of affairs?

How do you think wow classic gold compares to FFXIV

So lately whenever I have seen a discussion come up debating between FFXIV and WoW, most of the men and women who call for FFXIV claim that it blows WoW from their water, but also appear to only be speaking about Retail, or even comparing the graphics and also berating the blocky 2004 graphics of WOW Classic. But from my time FFXIV it rubbed off to me like just Retail WoW but with housing graphics, and more efficient streamlining. The Jobs did not seem to have any"Class Fantasy" or Flavor like WOW Classic does. Black Mages do not have the capability to open portals they can not conjure food and water, rush through dungeons and FATEs and only folks don't seem to work or communicate.

The story is really big and permeating, '' I did not want to miss anything and it kept me from keeping up with my buddies who were much outlevelling me. buy classic gold wow
however, felt like a narrative of your own creating, as though it has much to do with the world at large rather than simply in battle or in raids, and your character's course feels. The course quests are difficult and intriguing and full of flavor. I feel like WOW Classic puts up a really good fight against contemporary MMOs because of it's statsRPG like gameplay, and Taste that's all over WOW Classicplay, but I am unsure. I see a great deal of folks in every comments section saying FFXIV is better.

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