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A Hole In The Sidewall Of A Tire

No one wants to wait at the side of the road when a flat tire situation occurs. You just want to get back on the road as soon as possible by implementing repair options immediately. For example, you may have to drill a hole in the sidewall of the tire. This approach can be applied in certain cases, while in others, taking the car to a qualified technician is the best course of action. Let’s explore whether the patch option is better than the plug.

Can You Patch A Hole In Tire’s Sidewall?
Tire's Sidewall
In case there is a leak in the sidewall, try not to patch or plug it. Avoid getting into sidewall repair as it hampers the tire’s integrity and leaves you stranded on the road. Traveling at high speeds or at high temperatures would put your safety at stake. The sidewall patch undergoes blowouts and leaks, so it must be taken to the reputed shops for repairs. Tire replacement would be the best way to resolve the issue, even if a small nail has got inside the tire. Ignoring a hole in the sidewall of a tire leads to tire accidents.

Punctures on the sidewall don’t occur as often as tread damage, so it’s better to get your tire repaired. However, before getting the tire repaired, it is important to inspect it by a professional mechanic.