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Car Washes

Hand washing is considered the best way to wash the car. However, nothing beats touchless car washes that save your time and enhance the car’s aesthetics. This guide highlights whether a touchless car wash is good or not.

A Hole In The Sidewall Of A Tire

No one wants to wait at the side of the road when a flat tire situation occurs. You just want to get back on the road as soon as possible by implementing repair options immediately. For example, you may have to drill a hole in the sidewall of the tire. This approach can be applied in certain cases, while in others, taking the car to a qualified technician is the best course of action. Let’s explore whether the patch option is better than the plug.

How to prepare for hazardous winter driving

You need to wear extra clothes to protect yourself from cold weather. The same thing applies to the cars that take you to places requiring extra preparation before winter. Driving in winters is quite risky as one comes across ice and snow every day. Therefore, Preparing well in advance can save you from getting into unforeseeable events. Professionals from ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ have shared some that prepare your car for winter driving with you that can help you go through the tough winter season:

The Compact Hyundai Returns Slightly Better Figures Than Most Midsize Pickups

In any case, the difference is so small that the EPA estimates that your annual fuel cost will not be affected by choosing one of them

Hyundai Santa Cruz fuel economy data in 2022 was officially released and posted on the EPA website. This is the only “compact” truck with fuel economy estimates, and we expect excellent numbers. Of course, Ford will soon enter the ring with its Maverick and use a hypothetical hybrid option to turn the tables (based on the truck badge on Ford’s trailer). However, the Santa Cruz is not a hybrid car.

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