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Ericsson Globe ( Avicii Arena )

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As one of the country's most famous sports and music arenas, the Avicii Arena in Stockholm is a central landmark of Swedish culture. It is therefore all the more important to keep it in good condition for a long time to come. For the second time, the Kärcher Sweden team went up to the heights to clean the arena.

The Avicii Arena is a multi-purpose hall in the Johanneshov district of the Swedish capital Stockholm and is part of the so-called "Globen City" area. It regularly hosts events such as the Eurovision Song Contest or the World Figure Skating Championships. With a volume of 605,000 cubic metres, the Avicii Arena is the largest spherical building in the world and has a significant impact on Stockholm's cityscape. The structure is mainly made of concrete, steel, aluminium, sheet metal and glass. It is 85.20 metres high and has an external diameter of 110.40 metres.

Construction for the Stockhold Globe Arena, as it was originally known, began in 1986 and wouldn’t be opened until 3 years later on 19th February 1989. The Multipurpose arena was designed by Berg Arkitektkontor and owned by Swedish company SGA Fastigheter.

It’s main usage is as an Ice Hockey Arena hosting games for Djurgårdens IF Hockey as well as Sweden Men’s National Ice Hockey Team. 토토사이트 However it also finds a lot of usage as a music venue most notely hosting the Eurovision Song content in 2000 and 2016. Other sports it’s hosted throughout the years include Floorball, Motorsport, basketball and Volleyball.

The Avicii Arena started it’s Esports career in 2021 agreeing to hosting the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Stockholm 2021. Hopefully one day it’ll be able to host a Major Dota 2 tournament as well due to the popularity of the game in Sweden!