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Casinos and Their Role in Tunisia's Nightlife

Submitted by pesejab228 on Sat, 09/30/2023 - 01:44

Tunis is known for its relaxing jasmine-scented evening strolls or families gathered together at beach alcoves during the day, while also boasting an exciting nightlife scene featuring lounge bars and casinos featuring Tunisian music as well as contemporary tunes.

At nightlife venues throughout La Marsa or Hammamet, there are casual cafes where you can smoke narguilah while engaging in backgammon or La Marsa is known for its bustling clubs - but we are here to help you discover your perfect nightlife experience! RocApply will assist in discovering exactly the ideal nightlife atmosphere!

Le Carpe Diem
Le Carpe Diem, one of Tunis' most beloved bars, provides an assortment of drinks and cocktails, alongside events and live music performances. This spot makes for an excellent way to meet both locals and expats alike!

This bar, located in La Goulette district, offers an exciting and energetic environment. Featuring a rooftop patio, live music, karaoke, cocktails and wines to enjoy as well as great customer service, this is an ideal spot for gathering with friends for dinner or unwinding after work.

This stylish and contemporary cocktail bar provides cocktails and wine in a trendy yet modern environment, featuring exotic drinks and tapas on their menu. They provide great service in an enjoyable ambiance for an ideal romantic date night experience!

Bar Jamaica
Tunis is an important port in North Africa's history. Over its long existence, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, and French have all exerted influence upon its architecture, leaving a variety of styles visible today.

On the upper levels, this pub offers classic pub fare with dark wooden panelling, pendant lighting and intimate seating areas; but downstairs takes on more of a restaurant atmosphere with more substantial food selection than is typically found at bars; including chips and onion rings as mainstays.

Floyd's Pelican Bar is an ideal location to socialize and meet local fisherman who often gather here to play dominoes or watch cliff divers plunge from nearby cliffs into the sea below. Open from 9:30am until 2am daily.

Cafe El M’rabet
Cafe El M'rabet is an Arabian cafe situated within Medina that evokes an aura of grandeur. Visitors can sit on carpeted cushions alongside low tables to sip tea or shisha while Moroccan lamps create an idyllic ambiance.

Contrary to many Tunisian bars, this bar caters to a younger crowd by welcoming both genders equally. Boasting live music and tapas until 3am every night, guests are sure to have plenty of entertainment during their visit!

Be mindful of local culture when visiting Tunisia's exciting nightlife by adhering to public behavior rules and refraining from displays of queerness or same-sex activity in public. While Tunisia's nightlife may be exciting, stay safe by following rules pertaining to public behavior; doing so will ensure a memorable trip! This historic city features Roman ruins, remnants from French colonial influence and oriental flair - making Tunis an unforgettable trip.

Le Boeuf sur le Toit
Relic from the golden age of jazz, this Paris brasserie lies just steps away from Champs Elysees. Offering both modern French cuisine and traditional Right Bank fare, its heady atmosphere harkens back to Jean Cocteau and Darius Milhaud's glory days of jazz music.

Attracting both locals and trendsetters alike, its lively dancefloor offers DJs as well as live music until 2:00 AM - this spot draws in young crowds looking for fun.

Alcohol sales in Tunisia are strictly regulated, though there are exceptions. Hotel bars such as Bar Jamaica at El Hana Hotel offer excellent experiences. Boasting an upscale ambience and serving an array of cocktails on its terrace with gorgeous city views; Kino Club also stands out as being notable. With film screenings and karaoke nights held there regularly.

Nuba Bar
Nuba Bar is a club-bar that draws young crowds with its mix of pop and lounge music. Its casual environment and captivating city view make this an enjoyable place for drinks with friends.

This bar in Tunisia may not look like your typical nightclub at home, but it remains an attractive tourist spot. Nestled inside the medina and decorated with Arabian colors and furniture - including couches or cushions alongside low tables - it's popular among visitors.

Nuba Bar and Cafe and stands out among many others by also offering food. Open until 3am, they serve a selection of tapas dishes throughout the evening to extend your night out as much as possible. This option makes Nuba ideal for anyone wanting to extend their night out.