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Bride-to-be milk whitening

The following are some milk whitening methods:
1. Milk whitening and nursing
Milk rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and can be easily absorbed by skin, moisturizing effect is remarkable, milk has whitening effect can make the skin appear bright white color, is the consistent pursuit of the MM. After taking a bath with milk to do whitening care, can see effect very quickly, natural healthy composition, more let a person trust than latex. Method is after bath clean, to mix milk with almond powder, paste, and then covered the whole body, after an hour of massage and steam, can reach the effect of deep cleansing and skin care, skin appear bright white.
2. Add milk and strawberries to remove wrinkles
Mash the strawberries and add them to the milk. Stir well and you'll have a homemade mask. Every time after facial cleaning, the homemade milk strawberry mask proper amount to the face and neck, then massage, make uniform absorption by skin liquid, after about 15 minutes, then wash it clean. This milk mask has a good effect on skin care. It can whiten and moisturize the skin. It can also remove wrinkles.
3. Oatmeal and milk whiten and remove spots
Oatmeal with milk to make a homemade facial mask, can alleviate acne, freckles, blackheads, blisters and other skin problems. As long as the problem is not particularly serious, just use the oatmeal mask for 10 minutes every day. Boil 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with half a cup of milk over a low heat, then apply it to your face when it's still warm, and wash with clean water about 15 minutes later.
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4. Milk whitening and repair after sunburn
Milk can also be used for sunburn repair. If the skin is dry sun red, we can use the milk skin calm and detumescence, will make up cotton soaked in ice milk, and then apply the sunburn on the face area, to carry on the ice, so that we can effectively relieve the pain, get sunburnt skin care, soothe redness of the skin after sun.
5. Banana and milk are whitening and moisturizing
The whitening and skin care function of milk plus banana to adjust fine blood vessel, protect wet, go crinkle wait for a variety of hairdressing function, both union lets you enjoy advanced skin care experience. The whitening and moisturizing mask made from milk and banana is also very suitable for dry skin in autumn and winter.
The whitening effect of milk is not to be doubted, the prospective bride's milk whitening method, internal and external use is the best whitening method.
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