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Youth Sport Anti-Fungal Foot Cream

Youth sport anti-fungal foot cream is the best antifungal cream brand in India, a natural formulation to fight fungal skin infection which arises due to sweat and humidity basically for athletes’ foot. This foot cream is made with organic components like Carom, Aloe-Vera, Kajuput oil, lavender, licorice, and grapeseed. All of them are finally crushed and preserve the unique lotion with nutrients. The fragrance of this foot care cream is natural and light.

1. This foot cream moisturizes overnight and rehydrates to stop loss of moisture and improve foot area and its tone and suppleness. It soothes your foot, encourages repair, and repossesses damaged skin.
2. This foot cream is easy to use and suitable to all skin and absorbs quickly.
3. It has an anti-fungal property to fight with toe and nail fungus, diminishes pigmentation, scars and illuminates the skin tenor.
4. The BIOAYURVEDA products are completely natural and pure and not tested on animals, have no side effects and safer to use.

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